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'Long Island Lolita' Does Another Porno

This time, Amy Fisher stars in an adult pay-per-view special

(Newser) - A porn movie featuring “Long Island Lolita” Amy Fisher is making the rounds again—but this time it’s her idea, the New York Daily News reports. Fisher, 34, fought the release of a sex tape leaked by her husband before relenting last year. Fisher, whose real claim to... More »

Barely Illegal: 16 Jailbait Films

Nerve looks at the Sweet 16 of young Hollywood sexuality

(Newser) - As the recent uproar over Miley Cyrus “back-gate” revealed, the taboo topic of teenage sexuality never strays far from the American psyche. Nerve lists 16 films that walk the fine line between sexual initiation and legal deviation.
  1. Lolita: A British professor marries the mother to get to the oh-so-young
... More »

Nabokov's Ghost: Make Buck off Laura

Son's imagined convo with dead dad might've saved final manuscript

(Newser) - Dmitri Nabokov's decision not to destroy his famed father's unfinished manuscript followed an imagined conversation with Vladimir's ghost, writes Ron Rosenbaum for Slate. Rosenbaum, who sleuthed his way through the "to burn or not to burn" debate, was previously told by Dmitri—who hinted at the book's genius before... More »

Shops Pull 'Lolita' Beds for Girls

Furious parents blast marketing gimmick

(Newser) - A British retail chain has pulled a line of "Lolita" beds marketed to little girls following protests by parents. The Woolworths website staff "had never heard of Lolita, and to be honest no one else here had either," a spokesman said of the iconic nymphet. "We... More »

4 Stories