Gunther von Hagens

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Corpse Meister Plans to Exhibit Own Body

Gunther von Hagens suffering from Parkinson's

(Newser) - The German anatomist famous for his displays of preserved corpses is preparing to become part of one of his own exhibitions. Gunther von Hagens, who pioneered the "plastination" technique of preserving corpses by injecting them with plastics, is suffering from Parkinson's disease and says the symptoms are becoming impossible... More »

Corpse Meister to Sell Bodies Online

Gunther von Hagens' latest move outrages queasy public

(Newser) - Plasticized corpse huckster Gunther von Hagens is jumping on the grisly express again. The German millionaire bizman scientist is preparing to offer plasticized body parts and entire bodies for sale online, sparking public outrage. Von Hagens developed a way to preserve corpses by replacing body fluids and fat with plastic... More »

Gaga to Bring Corpses on Tour

Just when you thought she couldn't grab any more attention

(Newser) - How could Lady Gaga possibly get even more outlandish? Easy: Bring corpses on stage. Gaga plans to team up with scientist Gunther von Hagens, the doctor who famously preserves dead bodies for the Body Worlds exhibition, for next month’s Las Vegas stop on her Monster Ball tour. “Gaga... More »

Corpse Sex Show Stirs Up Swiss

Exhibit ignites outrage in Europe

(Newser) - German anatomist Gunther von Hagens just opened his traveling corpse sex show in Zurich and is steeled for controversy, reports Gawker. Von Hagens discovered a way to plasticize human bodies and has exhibited corpses stripped of their skin all over the world doing various activities. His latest show revealing bodies... More »

Corpses Having Sex Sparks Uproar

Popular traveling exhibit of bodies triggers new controversy

(Newser) - A controversial traveling exhibit of preserved bodies has sparked a storm of controversy with a new addition of corpses having sex, reports the Guardian. "It's not meant to be sexually stimulating," said creator Gunther von Hagens, who opens the Berlin exhibit to the public today. German politicians and... More »

Wanna Buy a Slice of Corpse?

'Body Worlds' guy proves that everything's for sale

(Newser) - Gunther von Hagens—the brains behind the plasticized human corpses featured in the hit Body Worlds exhibits—is now offering preserved corpse slices for sale. A short cross-section across the body costs about $370, but upgrading to a lengthwise slice will run to nearly $18,000. But only a minority... More »

6 Stories