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For 23, WWI U-Boat May Have Become a Coffin

Sunken sub found off the coast of Belgium

(Newser) - Eleven German submarines from World War I have been found sunk in Belgian waters. The latest to be discovered, however, is the "best preserved" of all, officials say. The U-boat, 88 feet long by 20 feet wide, has been found in an undisclosed location off the Belgian coast near... More »

Century Later, Fate of Lost German U-Boat Revealed

Rumor debunked: It actually sank off coast of England in 1915

(Newser) - A German U-boat set off from the north coast of Germany for a routine patrol with four officers and 31 crew members on board on Jan. 13, 1915. It was never seen again. The mysterious disappearance sparked a rumor—believed to have been started by another U-boat commander—that the... More »

Navy Captain Gets Credit for U-Boat Hit, 72 Years Later

Pentagon sets record straight, posthumously, for Herbert Claudius

(Newser) - In 1942, a US Navy captain named Herbert Claudius managed to sink a German U-boat that had just attacked an American passenger ship off the coast of Texas. This week, the Navy finally got around to thanking him, posthumously, reports National Geographic . Cladius told his superiors after the battle that... More »

WWII German U-Boat Found Just Off North Carolina

Nicaraguan-flagged wreck also found

(Newser) - Just 30 miles off the coast of North Carolina, two World War II wrecks lie underwater—one a member of a 24-ship American convoy, and one a German U-boat. US-led researchers recently discovered the Nicaragua-flagged freighter Bluefields and Germany's U-576, missing for some 70 years, just 240 yards apart,... More »

Sunken Nazi Sub Slumbers Off Louisiana Coast

And a camera captures incredible images of the German U-boat

(Newser) - Many never knew how close German U-boats came to US soil during World War II, but new high-def footage reveals several wrecks on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico. Robert Ballard, known for discovering the Titanic, is now mapping some of these wrecks, including the SS Robert E. Lee... More »

German WWII Sub Found Off Nantucket

Divers finally locate it on the ocean floor

(Newser) - The ocean floor off Massachusetts' Nantucket Island has finally yielded a 70-year-old secret: the location of a sunken German sub from World War II. The U-550, which had wreaked havoc along the East Coast, went down in April 1944 in a battle with US ships, but researchers had been unable... More »

Turks Find Hitler's 'Lost Fleet'

Three German U-boats located in Black Sea

(Newser) - Three World War II U-boats, known as "Hitler's lost fleet," have been discovered off the Turkish coast, the Telegraph reports. A Turkish team combined archival research with sailor interviews and sonar technology to find the wreckage, part of the six-boat fleet that dogged Russian ships in the Black... More »

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