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How a Comedian's Party Stormed Italy's Election

Beppe Grillo's 5-Star Movement shakes up the political scene

(Newser) - How topsy turvy was last night's deadlocked Italian election ? So topsy-turvy that an upstart party headed by a comedian got the most votes. Beppo Grillo's anti-establishment 5-Star Movement got 25% of the vote, more than any other single party, and only slightly less than either of the... More »

Italy Deadlocked After Crucial Elections

Chaos looms after no clear winner emerges

(Newser) - One of the most closely watched Italian elections of recent years has delivered a suitably dramatic result. Pier Luigi Bersani's center-left bloc has narrowly beaten Silvio Berlusconi's right-wing coalition to win control of the lower house, but failed to win a majority in the Senate—leaving Italy likely... More »

As Italy Votes, Topless Protesters Target Berlusconi

Three women had 'Enough with Berlusconi' written on their backs

(Newser) - Three feminist protesters added a little zing to Italy's crucial elections today, ripping off their shirts and attempting to charge Silvio Berlusconi as he voted. The trio had "Enough with Berlusconi" ("Basta Berlusconi") written across their backs, reports Sky News , and were quickly accosted by police... More »

Berlusconi Sex, Fraud Trials Halted So He Can Run Again

Financial Times says another Berlusconi govt would be 'disaster'

(Newser) - Italian judges may be mostly " feminist, communist " types, but they were nice enough to Silvio Berlusconi to postpone his underage sex trial , as well as tax fraud trial and other legal issues, until after elections at the end of the month, reports Reuters . The Milan judges agreed that... More »

Italy PM Disses Berlusconi, Won't Run Again

Says logic of former PM 'escapes me'

(Newser) - Italy's caretaker Premier Mario Monti said today he won't run in February elections, but if political parties that back his anti-crisis agenda ask him to head the next government he would "evaluate the offer." Monti ruled out heading any ticket himself, saying "I have no... More »

Berlusconi Demands Apology From Wife

Lario slammed PM for surrounding himself 'with children'

(Newser) - Silvio Berlusconi is demanding an apology from his wife for her public complaints over the PM’s appreciation of young women, the Times of London reports. Berlusconi alleged that Veronica Lario had been “put up” to discredit him before June elections by his political enemies. Berlusconi said this marriage... More »

Weary Italians Go to the Polls

Economic malaise awaits country's new PM

(Newser) - Polls are open in Italy's parliamentary election, which Silvio Berlusconi appears likely to win. Whether the two-time prime minister or Rome's mayor Walter Veltroni triumphs, the next Italian leader has to kickstart a stagnated economy; growth this year is expected to be as low as 0.3% —or even... More »

Berlusconi on Course for Comeback

Rich, charismatic ousted PM will win new term, polls say

(Newser) - Silvio Berlusconi is marching toward a third term as prime minister of Italy, according to polls ahead of parliamentary elections Sunday. The Croesus-rich media magnate has used his business credentials to convince Italians that he's got the solutions to unemployment, declining economic competitiveness and stagnant growth. More »

Path Clear for Berlusconi in Italy

Election set for April 13-14; third term as PM likely for media titan

(Newser) - Italians will elect a new parliament April 13-14, and if polls are correct, Der Spiegel reports that Silvio Berlusconi will return to office only 20 months after his last defeat. Immediately after today's announced poll date, PM Romano Prodi announced he won't stand, ceding leadership of the center-left to Rome... More »

Italy Ready for Snap Poll After Talks Fail

Polls suggest Berlusconi will win third term as PM

(Newser) - Italy will turn to a snap election in April to form a new government after 4 days of negotiations led by the speaker of the Senate failed to form an interim coalition. Parliament will be dissolved, and polls suggest that Silvio Berlusconi will win a third term as prime minister,... More »

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