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UN Cop Killed in Kosovo Riots

More than 100 injured as Serbs battle UN, NATO with guns and grenades

(Newser) - A Ukrainian UN police officer has been killed and at least 40 UN or NATO personnel were injured as Serbs continued to exchange gunfire with NATO and UN forces, reports AFP. Some 70 Serbs were also wounded as yesterday's fighting in ethnically charged Mitrovica spilled over to today, including a... More »

Serbia Set for Snap Elections After Kosovo Spurs Collapse

Most important vote in decade called for May

(Newser) - The president of Serbia dissolved parliament today, paving the way for early elections on May 11 that many are calling the country's most critical vote since the fall of strongman Slobodan Milosevic. Serbia's government collapsed over the weekend due to infighting over the fate of Kosovo and the country's prospect... More »

Serbia's PM Dissolves Government

Kostunica cites infighting over Kosovo, calls for new elections

(Newser) - Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica dissolved the government today, saying it had become paralyzed over disagreements on how to deal with Kosovo and EU membership. He proposed new elections for May. "We are lacking government unity,” said Kostunica, charging that his pro-Western coalition partners aren't being adamant enough... More »

Serbia Blames US as Rallies Continue

Thousands chant 'Kosovo is Serbia' while US clears out embassy

(Newser) - Thousands protested peacefully in the streets of Kosovo today, chanting “Kosovo is Serbia” as officials blamed the US for the violence that has marred earlier demonstrations. “The United States is the main culprit for all those violent acts,” said Serbia's minister for Kosovo. Meanwhile the US cleared... More »

US Rips Serbian 'Thugs' in Embassy Attack

Government officials accused of sanctioning deadly violence

(Newser) - The UN and US have strongly condemned attacks on the American and Croatian embassies in Belgrade during riots that erupted yesterday at a state-sponsored demonstration against Kosovo's independence. "Our embassy was attacked by thugs," said a White House spokeswoman. Rioters torched the embassies and had running battles with... More »

Body Found After Embassy Riot

Protesters upset over Kosovo set fire to US mission in Belgrade

(Newser) - Serb protesters angry about Kosovo independence set the US embassy in Belgrade on fire today, and at least one charred body has been found, the Los Angeles Times reports. The victim apparently is a protester because all US personnel have been accounted for. The fire, now under control, came after... More »

Serbia Calls Home US Envoy

PM vows to pull diplomats from all nations that support Kosovo independence

(Newser) - Serbia called home its US ambassador today to protest America's recognition of Kosovo's independence, the BBC reports. Serbian PM Vojislav Kostunica called the move Serbia's "first urgent measure," and warned that envoys in other countries that recognize Kosovar autonomy will soon be withdrawn. More »

Kosovo Declares Independence

Serbia enraged as US, EU expected to recognize new country tomorrow

(Newser) - Kosovo's parliament declared independence from Serbia today by a unanimous vote, the BBC reports. "We have waited for this day for a very long time,” said PM Hashim Thaci, before reading the declaration, which promised respect for the Serbian minority. Serbia’s PM, meanwhile, slammed the US and... More »

Serbia Softens Threats Over Kosovo

Belgrade won't sever ties with countries that recognize new state

(Newser) - After earlier threatening to sever ties with countries recognizing an independent Kosovo, Serbia softened somewhat today in announcing it would merely pulls its ambassadors in those nations, the Guardian reports. Kosovo is likely to make official its break from Serbia—a move that worries the province's ethnic Serbs—on Sunday,... More »

Serbia, Russia Blast Kosovo Independence

Serbia won't cooperate, Putin hits 'hypocrasy' of Western support

(Newser) - Serbian and Russian leaders today lambasted Kosovo's imminent declaration of independence from Serbia, the Guardian reports. Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica declared the move illegal, and said his government won't cooperate with European efforts to keep Kosovo running. Russian President Vladimir Putin blasted as "immoral and illegal" Western nations'... More »

Serbian Government May Collapse Over Kosovo

Crisis looms only days after presidential vote

(Newser) - Serbia's coalition government approached collapse today, only days after voters gave a new mandate to pro-Western president Boris Tadic. His reelection has led to a face-off with his PM, who opposes his intention to sign a new EU trade agreement. The PM sees EU overtures as a ploy to trick... More »

Serbia's Future Depends on Kosovo

Looming declaration of independence may sway presidential voting

(Newser) - On the verge of declaring independence, Kosovo is the key in this year’s Serbian election, the Guardian reports. Tomislav Nicolic, a Russian-aligned Serbian nationalist, won the first round of the presidential elections last night, defeating moderate incumbent Boris Tadic 39% to 35%. Seven other candidates, many pro-Western, are out... More »

Serbs Reject Charges of Patient Abuse

Government disputes group's claim that disabled are neglected, tortured

(Newser) - Officials in Serbia today called "dark propaganda" a report by a US human-rights group that alleged patients with mental and physical disabilities were systematically abused, and that staff at one facility tortured retarded children. "We may be suffering staffing and financial problems," one administrator said, "but... More »

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