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He Ran Out of Cauterizing Oil, and It Changed Medicine

A look at battlefield medical innovations

(Newser) - We have the Civil War to thank in part for America's embrace of embalming—the practice gained popularity as it was the only viable way to preserve the bodies of fallen Northern soldiers for the long journey home. At STAT , Leah Samuel echoes that idea: that the battlefield has... More »

Man's Face Rebuilt Using 3D-Printed Parts

Stephen Power makes medical history after motorbike crash

(Newser) - Stephen Power survived a motorbike crash in 2012, but his face was left shattered. "I broke both cheek bones, top jaw, my nose, and fractured my skull," he says. Now, the 29-year-old has made medical history by becoming one of the first patients—possibly the first ever—to... More »

Man Grows New Nose ... on His Forehead

Not your average nose job

(Newser) - A 22-year-old man in China needed a new nose. So a surgeon has built him one ... on his forehead. The surgeon, Guo Zhihui from Fujian Medical University Union Hospital, constructed the second nose out of cartilage from the man's ribs, then put it under the skin on his forehead... More »

How to Replace a Severed Penis

Getting 'Bobbitted' isn't the end of your sex life

(Newser) - Note to guys: If your penis is ever chopped off, never fear. You can get a new one—and it'll still work, MyHealthNewsDaily reports. The ideal solution, says a doctor, is to reattach the original equipment. But if it’s been, say, put through a garbage disposal, as the... More »

Shoulder Lost to Cancer Doesn't Stop Violinist

Teen cancer survivor Joe Ginem plays on after reconstructive surgery

(Newser) - For one Florida teenager, playing the violin was everything—until a rare bone cancer ravaged his arm to the point where Joe Ginem couldn’t lift a pencil. After undergoing chemo, his shoulder needed to be reconstructed, and the surgeon told him he could do so in a way that... More »

Docs Hail World's First Full-Face Transplant

Gunshot farmer gets total makeover

(Newser) - A farmer who accidentally shot himself is the first person in the world to receive a full face transplant. The man, in his 30s, is regaining the ability to speak and swallow after receiving facial skin and muscles, and a new jawbone, nose, palate, and cheekbones from a brain-dead donor,... More »

Size D Breast Implants Saved Woman From Bullet: Doc

Bullet fragments slowed by implant missed Lydia Carranza's heart

(Newser) - A woman shot point blank in the chest during a California shooting spree last summer may have survived thanks to less than natural means: her size D breast implants. That’s the contention of Lydia Carranza’s plastic surgeon, who hopes the unlikely story will spur implant suppliers to donate... More »

Chimp Victim Moved to Face Transplant Clinic

Facial reconstruction experts to aid woman suffering horrific injuries

(Newser) - The woman whose face was horrifically injured by a crazed chimpanzee has been transferred to the clinic that performed America's first face transplant, the Stamford Times reports. The woman was in surgery for 7 hours after the attack on Monday and was still in critical condition when she was transferred... More »

Docs Detail Near-Total Face Transplant

Unnamed patient now has 'face to face the world:' surgeon

(Newser) - Cleveland Clinic officials say the woman who underwent the most comprehensive face transplant yet exhausted conventional options before agreeing to the risky 22-hour procedure in which 80% of her face was replaced with a cadaver’s. The unnamed patient lacked a nose or palate and couldn’t eat or breathe... More »

Bond Girl Born With 12 Fingers

Surgery used to correct Gemma Arterton's deformities

(Newser) - The British actress who plays the Bond girl in the upcoming Quantum Of Solace admits she was born with six fingers on each hand. Gemma Arterton, the 22-year-old starlet who portrays Agent Fields to Daniel Craig’s James Bond, underwent an operation to remove them, leaving two bumpy scars as... More »

More Women Electing Extra Cancer Surgery

Double mastectomies on the rise, despite less-invasive options

(Newser) - More women are going to extremes after a breast cancer diagnosis, opting for double mastectomies instead of single ones or mere lumpectomies, the Washington Post reports. The number rose 150% over 5 years, despite evidence that less-invasive treatments are just as effective in saving lives. "I didn't want to... More »

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