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Creationist Sues Grand Canyon for Religious Discrimination

He wants to take rocks out of the park to study further, NPS declined request

(Newser) - Somewhere between 15% and 40% of Americans believe our planet is only 10,000 years old, in spite of the literal heaps of evidence that it is far older. One such American, young-Earth creationist Andrew Snelling, is suing the National Park Service for not letting him remove rocks from the... More »

Science Paper Citing 'Creator' Sparks Outrage

PLoS ONE retracts article about the human hand

(Newser) - Think a "Divine Creator" belongs in science? Well, a peer-reviewed paper that mentions "the Creator" sparked such an outcry that it's been retracted with an apology, the Guardian reports. The paper, about the human hand's design and dexterity, mentions the "Creator" more than once. "... More »

Head of Education Panel Thinks Earth Is 6K Years Old

Arizona lawmaker also says church attendance should be mandatory

(Newser) - The new chief of Arizona's Senate Education Committee has some beliefs that put her at odds with most science educators. Sylvia Allen, a Republican from Snowflake, has courted controversy over the last few years by declaring that the Earth is 6,000 years old during a hearing on mining... More »

If Schools Want to Teach Creationism, Let Them

It's a distracting sideshow from education system's bigger problems: 'Time' columnist

(Newser) - It's the kind of story that seems like it should get people riled up: Among the private schools getting $1 billion in taxpayer money in tuition vouchers are religious schools that teach creationism in place of actual science, according to Politico . But at Time , Nick Gillespie isn't feeling... More »

Creationist: Bill Nye Gave Us Funding 'Miracle'

Their debate aroused interest in Noah's Ark theme park

(Newser) - Bill Nye must be rolling his eyes about now. His debate with Creation Museum founder Ken Ham aroused so much attention last month that the museum's proposed Noah's Ark theme park got much-needed funding at the last minute, NPR reports. "It was a challenging time, one that... More »

Christians Can Do Better Than Ken Ham

Brad Kramer reacts to last night's debate

(Newser) - After watching last night's Bill Nye-Ken Ham creationism-versus-evolution debate , Brad Kramer has a message for the world: "I’m a Christian, and Ken Ham doesn’t speak for me." Yes, Kramer believes "God created the world" and that "the Bible is all the word of... More »

'Science Guy' Bill Nye, Creationist Square Off

Bill Nye makes the case for evolution

(Newser) - In a showdown watched around the world Ken Ham believes is 6,000 years old, "Science Guy" Bill Nye traveled to Ham's home turf for a long anticipated debate on creationism vs. evolution. Some highlights from the slideshow-packed debate at Kentucky's Creation Museum, as per Time , USA ... More »

A Third of Americans Don't Believe in Evolution

Among Republicans, it's more than half: Pew survey

(Newser) - Sorry, science: Fewer than half of Republicans and white evangelical Protestants in the US believe that humans and other living things have evolved over time, according to a survey by the Pew Research Center. Overall, a third of Americans say living things are unchanged "since the beginning of time,... More »

Creationist: $10K to Anyone Who Can Disprove Genesis

Dr. Joseph Mastropaolo launches creationism challenge

(Newser) - A California creationist believes the Biblical book of Genesis is a literal account of the universe's origins—and he's putting his money where his mouth is. Dr. Joseph Mastropaolo is offering $10,000 to anyone who can successfully disprove a literal interpretation, using science, in front of a... More »

Pat Robertson: Yeah, Earth Is More Than 6K Years Old

Evangelist disputes 'young Earth' theory on '700 Club'

(Newser) - Maybe this will convince Marco Rubio to take more of a stand on the age of the Earth : Even Pat Robertson says it's more than just a few thousand years old. Right Wing Watch points to a 700 Club clip in which Robertson responds to a concerned mom asking... More »

Why the Earth's Age Does, Actually, Matter in Politics

Paul Krugman: Republican Party becoming increasingly 'anti-rational'

(Newser) - When Marco Rubio deflected a question about the Earth's age recently, the Florida senator argued that such issues have nothing to do with politics—but he's wrong, writes Paul Krugman in the New York Times . Let's not forget that Rubio himself once "provided powerful aid to... More »

Why a Marco Rubio Quote Has Everyone Talking 2016

Rubio's answer to the Earth's age? 'I'm not a scientist, man'

(Newser) - In a new interview with GQ , Florida Senator Marco Rubio was asked how old he thinks the planet is. He let fly with this quote that's getting quite a bit of attention: "I'm not a scientist, man. I can tell you what recorded history says, I can ... More »

Darwin Gets 4K Write-Ins vs. Creationist Lawmaker

Georgia congressman Paul Broun gets symbolic opposition

(Newser) - Charles Darwin earned almost 4,000 write-in votes in one Georgia county against a congressman who denounced evolution and other scientific theories as "lies straight from the pit of hell." The symbolic votes in Athens-Clarke County on Tuesday were against Republican Rep. Paul Broun, who was running unopposed.... More »

In South Korea, Creationists Score a Huge Victory

Evolution references yanked from textbooks

(Newser) - A group opposed to the teaching of evolution has won a major victory in the Deep South—of the Korean peninsula. A creationist group has successfully petitioned South Korean publishers to remove several references to evolution from high school textbooks, Nature reports. The group—set up by the US Institute... More »

Tennessee's Anti-Evolution Bill to Become Law

Critics: Move 'undermines science education'

(Newser) - Tennessee was the site of the infamous Scopes monkey trial nearly 90 years ago (spoiler alert: creationists lost), but the state is still fighting evolution. Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam said yesterday he'll allow a bill to become law that protects teachers who criticize evolution, as well as global warming... More »

Perry: Evolution a 'Theory With Gaps'

Huntsman: 'I believe in evolution ... call me crazy'

(Newser) - Evolution has joined global warming on the list of things Rick Perry is skeptical about. Evolution is "a theory that's out there—and it's got some gaps in it," the Texas governor told a little boy during a campaign stop in New Hampshire yesterday, the Huffington... More »

What If Schools Had to Teach Islam in Science Class?

And how is 'intelligent design' any better?

(Newser) - Legislators in at least seven states have introduced “stealth creationism” bills this year, requiring educators to teach some form of “intelligent design” in schools—and some of those same people have also pushed laws banning Islamic Sharia rules from being used in the courtroom. The message is clear,... More »

'Divine Reason' Behind Humanity, Creation: Pope

Easter Vigil homily emphasizes God's role in humanity

(Newser) - There is "divine reason" behind creation and humanity, said Pope Benedict XVI in his Easter Vigil homily yesterday. "Are irrationality, lack of freedom, and pure chance the origin of everything, or are reason, freedom, and love at the origin of being?" he asked. "If man were merely... More »

'Darwin Day' Celebrated in Rural US, Quietly

Biologists take the opportunity to show kids science is 'cool'

(Newser) - How to celebrate "Darwin Day" in rural America? Very carefully, the New York Times reports: When evolutionary biologists set out on a road trip this weekend to Virginia, Nebraska, Montana, and Iowa to promote science in honor of Charles Darwin's 202nd birthday, one high school principal made sure to... More »

13% of High School Bio Classes Push Creationism

Only 28% advocate evolution; most take middle ground

(Newser) - About 13% of high school biology teachers nationwide push creationism as the process by which humans came to exist on Earth, LiveScience reports. A Penn State survey found that the majority of bio teachers—about 60%—take a soft stance on the contentious issue, avoiding definitive statements about either creationism... More »

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