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Delta's Posh New Upgrade: Private Jet

It costs $300 to $800, and it's barely available

(Newser) - For frequent flyers who'd like to feel wealthy for a day, Delta's got a new upgrade that will cost the shirts off their backs yet still feel like a pretty big bang for the buck. For $300 to $800 a flight, "high-value customers" who've achieved elite... More »

Congress OKs $63B to Update Air Control System

GPS technology will replace radar to control traffic

(Newser) - A bill to speed the update of the US air traffic control system from radar to one based on GPS technology and to open US skies to unmanned drone flights within four years received final congressional approval today. The bill passed the Senate 75-20, despite labor opposition to a deal... More »

Another Big Iceland Volcano May Blow

Katla would make last year's eruption look 'small'

(Newser) - Another Icelandic volcano has begun to grumble—and if it erupts, it could make last year's ash cloud look like a joke, experts say. The 2010 eruption of Eyjafjallajokul was "small," according to a scientist; it didn't seem that way to the airlines that lost $2... More »

FAA's Air Traffic Head Resigns After Sleep Incidents

Another controller nodded off in Nevada yesterday

(Newser) - The head of the FAA’s Air Traffic Organization resigned today, amid a wave of reports of air traffic controllers sleeping on the job . Hank Krakowski submitted his resignation this morning to FAA chief Randy Babbitt, the Washington Post reports, who promised a “top to bottom” review of the... More »

Ash Cloud Forces Emergency Landing

Eyjafjallajokull still isn't done screwing with flights

(Newser) - A flight making the short trip from Belfast to London had to turn around and make an emergency landing back in Belfast today, after pilots noticed an “acrid smell” in the cabin that may have been caused by the renewed ash cloud from the Eyjafjallajokull volcano. Ryanair wouldn't say... More »

Volcanic Ash Closes Irish, Scottish Airspace

Iceland volcano has no new impact on European flights—yet

(Newser) - Just 2 weeks after international air traffic crippled by Icelandic volcano ash started getting back to normal , Irish and some Scottish airspace will close tomorrow morning because of a new drifting cloud. The ban will not affect UK and mainland Europe service or trans-Atlantic flights, reports RTE . "Some of... More »

As Fewer Fly, Airline Delays Nosedive

Major airports see traffic fall 9%

(Newser) - With fewer travelers taking to the skies, airline delays have dropped significantly compared to recent years, USA Today reports. Delays topping two hours fell by more than a quarter this year from 2008 and 2007 levels, while traffic at big hubs has dropped 9% compared to last year. Traffic at... More »

Rich Grouse as FAA Moves to Reroute Jets

Residents of tony suburbs fight plan to decongest air traffic

(Newser) - Wealthy Northeasterners are fighting FAA plans to decongest air traffic by rerouting jets, sending them over many upscale suburbs, reports USA Today. The FAA says it can cut delays by 20% and save airlines $285 million by fixing routes around New York and Philadelphia, but the rich and politically connected... More »

Drunk Brit Gal Pals Force Emergency Landing

Boozers try to open plane door at 33,000 feet

(Newser) - Two drunk British women attacked the flight crew on their charter jet en route from Greece to England, causing the pilot to make an emergency landing in Germany, AP reports. After being denied alcohol, one of the women swung a vodka bottle and tried to open the cabin door. The... More »

Will Fewer Flights Mean Fewer Delays?

Sorry, says FAA: don't expect airlines to cut on crowded routes

(Newser) - With fuel prices soaring into the skies, fewer airplanes will be following suit, but don't think that translates to less time on the tarmac. Airlines' cutbacks will ground planes, but mostly on less-traveled routes to smaller cities, the New York Times reports. The congestion at LAX and JFK isn't likely... More »

Plane Trips Grow Longer

Carriers add up to 50% to flight times as congestion adds to ground, air delays

(Newser) - Air travel is the slowest it's been in the past 20 years, thanks to increased congestion both on the runway and in the air. A flight from Las Vegas to New York took 4 hours, 37 minutes in 1988, but that same route now requires over 6 hours, reports USA ... More »

2007 Was 2nd Worst Ever for Plane Delays

More than 26% of all domestic flights were late or canceled

(Newser) - It's now official: 2007 was an awful year for airline delays—the worst since the record delays of 2000. More than 26% of domestic flights were delayed or canceled, due to huge demand and a growing swarm of small planes gobbling up runway space, reports the AP. The airline with... More »

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