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Calvin and Hobbes Creator Makes Secret Return

Bill Watterson draws several 'Pearls Before Swine' strips

(Newser) - It's been almost 20 years since Bill Watterson stopped drawing Calvin and Hobbes, and we've hardly heard from him since. But this week, another comic, Pearls Before Swine, took on a new style—and fans speculated that something unusual might be going on. They were right: Much of... More »

'Homeliest Gal' Inspired the Sadie Hawkins Dance

It all started with a comic strip

(Newser) - Where did the idea of the Sadie Hawkins Dance—the one in which the girls ask the boys, rather than vice versa—come from? The phenomenon, huge in the mid-20th century, gets its name from a fictional character, Today I Found Out explains. The comic strip Lil' Abner, by Al... More »

Coming Back to the Big Screen: Peanuts

But feature film won't be out until 2015

(Newser) - It's either good news or bad news for Peanuts fans, depending on your faith in 20th Century Fox: Charles Schulz's classic comic strip is coming back to the big screen. The Peanuts feature film, written by Schulz's son Craig, grandson Bryan, and Cornelius Uliano, hits theaters Nov.... More »

Some Newspapers Pulling Doonesbury Abortion Strip

Garry Trudeau goes after Texas for requiring ultrasound

(Newser) - Doonesbury is making waves again, with several newspapers around the country planning to skip the comic strip next week or move it to the editorial pages. The reason? Garry Trudeau lampoons a Texas law requiring women to get an ultrasound before abortion, and he pulls few punches. "By the... More »

Chicago Tribune Pulls Doonesbury Over Charity Pitch

Garry Trudeau pushed a fund for public schools

(Newser) - The Chicago Tribune refused to run Friday's Doonesbury strip because it made, in the paper's words, "a direct fundraising appeal for a specific charity." The newspaper's "editorial practices do not allow individuals to promote their self-interests," it said in a notice. The strip... More »

Garfield Creator Apologizes to Vets for 'Stupid Day' Strip

Yesterday's comic was 'worst timing ever,' Jim Davis admits

(Newser) - Garfield creator Jim Davis has apologized after accidentally causing an uproar with a Veterans Day comic. The strip—viewable here —shows spiders celebrating "National Stupid Day" in remembrance of a squished colleague. Davis says he wrote the strip nearly a year ago and didn't know it would run... More »

Cathy Retiring From the Comic Pages

Creator hangs it up after 34 years in the funnies

(Newser) - After 34 years, the comic strip Cathy is closing up shop. Creator Cathy Guisewite is hanging up her drawing pen in October, citing (in true Cathy form) her "creative biological clock," the LA Times reports. Time also has weighed on her alter-ego, who finally married Irving in 2005... More »

Little Orphan Annie Bows Out, Mysteriously

Comic strips ends 85-year run 'for now'

(Newser) - After 85 years of adventures, Little Orphan Annie made her final appearance in the funny papers today, and she left behind a cliffhanger. The last panel of the strip consists of a yellow background with black lettering reading "And this is where we leave our Annie. For now—"... More »

Little Orphan Annie Leaving Newspapers

Comic strip ends 85-year run next month

(Newser) - Even Little Orphan Annie can't fight the tide against print newspapers. The daily comic strip will end its 85-year run on June 13, reports the Chicago Tribune . But fear not, Annie fans, the strip will end with a cliffhanger, not her demise. "Annie is definitely not dying," says... More »

Schroeder 'Played' Real Beethoven

Schulz's love of classical music came through in comic

(Newser) - The written notes that rose over Schroeder's piano weren't just doodles, scholars studying Peanuts tell the New York Times. Charles Schulz loved classical music as much as his Beethoven-obsessed character and carefully transcribed notes from real Beethoven scores to provide a soundtrack for every comic strip in which Schroeder was... More »

Comically Simple Ploy Pays Big for Kansas Candidate

Cartoon brings flood of donation, but Dem's bid for state legislature hardly done deal

(Newser) - A cash-strapped candidate for the Kansas legislature has turned around his fortunes in the flash of a few thousand mouse-clicks: Before circulating sassy online cartoon strips, Sean Tevis had $1,525 in his campaign coffers; in less than two weeks, he’s raised nearly $100,000 more. The episode is... More »

Beetle Bailey Finds New Barracks

Creator Mort Walker's Cartoon Museum is Ohio-bound

(Newser) - One of the world's biggest collections of cartoon art has found a new home at Ohio State University, the Wall Street Journal reports. "Beetle Bailey" creator Mort Walker amassed more than 200,000 pieces of cartoon art during his 7 decades in the business but had to move his... More »

'Dilbert' Mocks Comic Strip Firing

Posted cartoon called bosses 'drunken lemurs'

(Newser) - What came first: the comic strip mocking the office, or the office emulating the comic? Both, in the case of one Iowa casino that fired a man for posting a "Dilbert" cartoon comparing management to "drunken lemurs," the Des Moines Register reports. This week, cartoonist Scott Adams... More »

Comic Artists Plan Black and White Protest

'Minority' strips not interchangeable, say fed-up cartoonists

(Newser) - Sick of seeing colleagues turned down by newspapers that already have their fill of cartoons depicting minorities, artists of color are planning a draw-in Sunday, the Washington Post reports. The minds behind strips like "Candorville," "Herb and Jamaal," and "Cafe con Leche" will wield their... More »

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