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A Small Shock Could Zap Your Motion Sickness

Scientists think they could eradicate travel misery within a decade

(Newser) - Motion sickness is, some scientists think, caused by conflicting messages that our ears and eyes send to our brain when we are in motion. In three out of 10 of us, it can be downright debilitating, resulting in cold sweats, dizziness, severe nausea, and more. But now researchers at Imperial... More »

Thanks, Australia: Stomach Bug Spreading in US

Cases from new strain of norovirus on the rise, says CDC

(Newser) - A new strain of a highly contagious stomach virus from Australia is making lives miserable across the US, says the CDC. This particular strain is now responsible for most (58%) of the norovirus cases being reported in the country, reports WebMD and USA Today . The bug brings the usual happy... More »

Could JFK's Speech Literally Make Santorum Vomit?

Brain, gut can both send nausea signals: Will Oremus

(Newser) - Twice now, Rick Santorum has said that the idea of absolute separation of church and state makes him feel like vomiting . But could he literally be provoked to throw up just by thinking about something? Yes, writes Will Oremus in a particularly gross Explainer column on Slate . Both the gut... More »

Rotten Lunch: Stinky Fridge Sickens 28 in Calif. Office

Office complex evacuated after fridge cleanup backfires

(Newser) - An incredibly foul stench from long-forgotten lunches forced hundreds of people out of a California office complex yesterday, the San Jose Mercury News reports. Fire crews and a hazmat team were dispatched to the building and 28 people were treated for vomiting and nausea. San Jose emergency workers traced the... More »

Astronauts Often a Bit Woozy

Spacesickness a common malady for unearthly missions

(Newser) - We all know about carsickness and seasickness—but spacesickness? NASA is cagey about its vomiting astronauts, but about half of the 500 who’ve been to the final frontier suffer from “space adaptation syndrome,” reports Ned Potter for ABC News. So it comes as no surprise to Potter... More »

Gulf Fish Cause Food Poisoning

FDA says outbreaks linked to algae toxin in fish high on the foodchain

(Newser) - The Food and Drug Administration has confirmed outbreaks of food poisoning among people eating fish from the northern Gulf of Mexico. Ciguatera poisoning is caused by toxins from poisonous algae that have accumulated in the tissue of large fish. The higher the fish is on the food chain, the more... More »

6 Stories