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Prince Charles Pushes Woolen Coffins

It's a greener way to go!

(Newser) - Prince Charles—who recently stressed the value of woolen clothes for sustainable living —believes the material is perfect for sustainable dying as well. The prince asked for a selection of woolen coffins, which are reinforced with recycled cardboard and can feature a personalized embroidered nameplate, to be displayed prominently... More »

Scots Fight Fake Kilts

Tired of foreign knockoffs, Scottish kilt-makers ask EU for protection

(Newser) - What do plaid skirts have in common with champagne and feta cheese? If Scottish lawmakers have their way, the kilt could be the latest European product to receive a "protected designation of origin" status. Cheap kilt knockoffs could still be sold, but only the real thing—pure wool, hand-sewn... More »

Kashmir Snow, Cold Threaten Pashmina Goats

Thousands in stranded herds will die without fodder air drop

(Newser) - The goats that provide the wool for those sought-after Pashmina shawls are in danger from heavy snow in Kashmir, the BBC reports. The goats' winter pastures are covered in snow and local officials have asked the Indian government to air drop goat fodder before the animals starve. Many thousands of... More »

Soiled Green: Cloth Diapers Make Comeback

Eco-conscious uprising puts disposables on the defensive

(Newser) - Cloth diapers are getting a serious makeover, as old-fashioned safety pins and rubber liners give way to velcro and water-resistant merino wool covers. New cloth diaper brands, such as Fuzzi Bunz and Happy Heinys, can thank an increasingly eco-conscious population for their success, reports Time, with some companies reporting 50%... More »

4 Stories