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8-Year-Old, 3 Others Rescued 2 Days After Taiwan Quake

One woman in collapsed building cried 'Here I am!' when rescuers came near

(Newser) - Two days after a powerful earthquake shook southern Taiwan, at least four more survivors have been pulled from the rubble of a collapsed 17-story apartment building in Tainan, the AP reports. A woman who called out "Here I am!" was found under the body of her husband, while... More »

Ad in China Fights Back Against Insane Pressure to Marry

Friends put up $6K ad in subway telling Mom and Dad not to worry if they're single

(Newser) - While the Panthers and Broncos face off at the Super Bowl this Sunday, young people in China heading home for the Lunar New Year have their own pressure to face: the badgering of well-meaning family members who want them to get married. Marriage and producing kids hold a lot of... More »

When 100K People Get Stuck at One Train Station


(Newser) - If you hate crowds, a train station in southern China might just be your idea of hell. China's Lunar New Year celebrations begin Feb. 8, and those trying to travel home ahead of the holiday via the main Guangzhou Railway Station on Monday found themselves—and at least 100,... More »

Warren Buffett Jams on Ukulele

Sings 'I've Been Working on the Railroad'

(Newser) - Festivities for China's biggest holiday are in full swing, and Warren Buffett is getting in on the fun. The 81-year-old billionaire played ukulele and sang "I've Been Working on the Railroad" for one of the most-watched TV programs in the world—China Central Television's New Year'... More »

Subdued Masses Usher in Chinese New Year

But fears for economy temper enthusiasm

(Newser) - Millions worldwide are marking the Chinese New Year with parties, firecrackers, and feasts, the BBC reports. But celebrations of the Lunar New Year, the most important Chinese holiday, were tempered by concerns about the economy in the coming Year of the Ox. In Beijing, many lit incense and prayed for... More »

Holy Season for Two Faiths Intersects in Jerusalem

Jewish new year coincides with Muslim month of Ramadan in city special to both

(Newser) - This year’s intersection of Jewish new-year holidays and the Muslim holy month of Ramadan—a rarity due to Islam’s changing calendar—is felt particularly keenly in Jerusalem, a sacred city for both religions, Ethan Bronner notes in the New York Times. Night has become “a kind of... More »

Lights Coming Back in China

Respite from severe weather allows progress toward normalcy

(Newser) - After more than a week of darkness, power is finally coming back on in China—mostly. With Lunar New Year celebrations getting under way, power has at least partially returned in 169 of the 170 counties blacked out by fierce winter weather, Reuters reports. But some residents are skeptical. “... More »

7 Stories