Potomac Primary

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Obama Has the Big Mo— But Can He Be Stopped?

His campaign is claiming a lock on the nomination, but don't count Hillary out yet

(Newser) - With a week of sweeping victories, culminating yesterday in Potomac wins that show him cutting into the heart of Hillary Clinton's base, newly crowned front-runner Barack Obama now has a strong case that the Dems should coalesce around his candidacy, Adam Nagourney writes in the New York Times. He now... More »

Va. Offers Democrats 2 Possible VPs

If 'dream ticket' doesn't materialize, Kaine, Webb are rising stars

(Newser) - Amid talk of an Obama-Clinton or Clinton-Obama dream ticket, Democrats may want to look around before leaving Virginia tonight—the state is home to not one but two viable vice presidential contenders, Politico reports. Obama has already short-listed Gov. Tim Kaine, a campaign co-chair who shares the senator's bipartisan charisma.... More »

Justice Is Blind, Not Disenfranchised

Most Supremes go to polls today; Roberts votes only in general elections

(Newser) - Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Antonin Scalia always exercise their right to vote, and John Roberts goes to the polls only for general elections, the Washington Post reports. Six of the nine Supreme Court justices—five in Virginia, one in DC—are eligible to participate in today’s primaries, and the... More »

Potential Bellwether Va. Shades From Red to Blue

Longtime GOP state among moderates flirting with Democrats

(Newser) - Virginia will have its critical primary moment tomorrow, but the state may play an even bigger role in November—that of a red state turning blue, reports the Wall Street Journal. The former Confederate seat has voted Republican in every election but one since 1952, but lately has elected two... More »

Potomac Leaders Differ on Dem Picks

DC mayor, Virginia gov. like Obama; Maryland chief backs Clinton

(Newser) - The three chief executives in Tuesday’s Potomac Primary don't agree on a candidate—it's two for Obama, one for Clinton—but all have strong ties with their candidate of choice, the Washington Post reports. And all three endorsed early:
  • Virginia's Tim Kaine was the first governor outside Illinois to
... More »

Dems Encircle Vital Virginia

Clinton pushing hard in state thought to favor Obama

(Newser) - Forget Yorktown and Manassas: Virginia will weigh in on a new war Tuesday, as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton make the state the next key Democratic battleground. Watchers had thought Obama would sweep the so-called Potomac Primary—in Virginia, Maryland, and DC—but Clinton is looking for a crucial stand... More »

After Potomac Primary, March 4 Looms Large

DC, Md. and Va. vote Tuesday, then a bit of a breather for candidates

(Newser) - With Feb. 5 gone and the Democratic race still undecided, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are looking to Tuesday's so-called Potomac Primary, then another big day March 4. Three states vote Saturday, but Tuesday offers bigger prizes in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Obama is the odds-on favorite in heavily black... More »

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