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Ecuador Volcano Erupts

Tungurahua spews huge column of ash

(Newser) - Ecuador's Tungurahua volcano has spewed a 6-mile column of ash after a powerful, five-minute explosion. Ecuador's geophysics institute said yesterday's blast occurred at 6:10pm local time and was followed by a second, four-minute explosion and five lesser tremors. The 16,480-foot volcano, which lies in the... More »

Ecuadorian Volcano Explodes

Thousands flee as Andean 'throat of fire' blasts ash

(Newser) - The massive Tungurahua volcano in the Ecuadoran Andes erupted in smoke and fire yesterday, forcing thousands of villagers to flee. Eleven families who refused to leave the area were removed by force as the volcano shot columns of ash six miles into the air, AP reports. Tungurahua—meaning "throat... More »

2 Stories