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Monica Lewinsky: Bill Lied

New book also claims Clinton had affair with Susan McDougal

(Newser) - The first history of Clinton scandal has been written, and Bill is unlikely to be happy about it. In a new book, Monica Lewinsky is quoted as saying she thinks he lied to a grand jury about their relationship, reports Politico . "There was no leeway (there) on the veracity... More »

First Lady Skeds Were Sanitized

Very little remains in Clinton's calendars for historians, or foes

(Newser) - Schedules from Hillary Clinton’s time as first lady don’t reveal much, Newsweek reports. The mound of documents consists only of her public engagements, rather than her private calendar, meaning many potentially revealing details are left out. The thousands of pages don’t, for example, mention her four-hour Whitewater... More »

Clinton Aide: Obama Is Like Ken Starr

And as they plot next move, Hillary's staffers fight each other

(Newser) - The Democratic campaign took a turn for the nasty today, with a top adviser to Hillary Clinton alleging Barack Obama is “imitating Ken Starr”—an apparent reference to Obama’s recent Whitewater-tinted shots at his rival. Exclaims Greg Sargent at Talking Points, “Talk about throwing down the... More »

McCain Story Spurred Turmoil at Times

Editor pushed for better evidence of affair, irking reporters amid buzz

(Newser) - Today’s New York Times bombshell alleging improper ties between John McCain and a lobbyist dropped only after three months of feuding between reporters who thought they’d “nailed” a story and the Gray Lady’s unsatisfied editor, the New Republic reports. One writer quit the paper over the... More »

Chertoff Eyed as AG Nominee

DHS chief would step in for Gonzales

(Newser) - Michael Chertoff is the top candidate to replace resigning AG Alberto Gonzales, White House sources tell CNN. The Department of Homeland Security chief served as an assistant AG early in the Bush years. Speculation about Chertoff's promotion began as early as Friday, as a US News & World Report blog... More »

Clintons Sell Stock to Avoid Bonds

Couple liquidates blind trust to head off political fallout

(Newser) - Nobody wants to see Whitewater II, least of all the Clintons. As Hillary barrels towards the White House, they've liquidated a blind trust worth $5 million to $25 million in an effort to avoid potential conflict-of-interest charges. The fund, invested on their behalf since Bill took office, included live-wire investments... More »

New Books Probe Hillary's Dark Side

Bernstein, Times writers relive Whitewater, chronicle drive to power

(Newser) - The Washington Post gets a sneak peek at two upcoming books about Hillary Clinton, illuminating her turbulent marriage to Bill and voracious political ambition, just in time for 2008. A Woman in Charge, by Watergate star Carl Bernstein, details Hillary's terror of Whitewater prosecution and her annoyance at her husband's... More »

7 Stories