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1-Week eBay Boycott Ends Tomorrow

Site claims 'no impact' on listings, but one source sees 13% drop

(Newser) - More eBay goodies may go on sale tomorrow as angry sellers end a 1-week boycott, USA Today reports. The ban "has had no impact on our listings," one eBay exec said, but third-party tracking sites saw a 13% drop. The sellers' snub was sparked when eBay recently upped... More »

EBay Sellers Plan Boycott Week

Movement to protest fee hikes and policy changes gains steam

(Newser) - Torqued eBay sellers are giving the online auction site some pretty clear feedback about planned changes. Using eBay's own chatrooms, sellers are trying to organize a one-week boycott to protest jacked-up fees and changed feedback rules. But the would-be boycott is nothing new, reports CNNMoney, as each January eBay introduces... More »

EBay Silences Sellers with New Feedback Scheme

System designed to prevent retaliatory feedback

(Newser) - Ebay’s new feedback system is leaving a negative impression on sellers. Noticing that many buyers were fed up with “retaliatory” feedback, the auctioneer has decided to prevent sellers from leaving feedback at all, Ars Technica reports. “The current feedback system isn’t where it needs to be,... More »

3 Stories