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Bob Dylan Gets Medal of Freedom

Madeleine Albright, John Glenn also among honorees

(Newser) - President Obama bestowed the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Bob Dylan, Madeleine Albright, and a host of other luminaries today at the White House. The Los Angeles Times notes that 1962 seemed to be a pivotal year for this year's honorees: It's when Dylan's first album came... More »

Hollywood, Tech, Latino Titans Won Calif. for Clinton

Director Reiner among key pieces of Hillary's defeat of Obama

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton won the California primary on the strength of deep relationships with the state’s entertainment, Silicon Valley, and Hispanic communities, reports the Washington Post. Four figures that fought to tip the scales her way:
  • Filmmaker Rob Reiner worked full-time for Hillary, holding a $500,000 fundraiser for her
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2 Stories