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Got Lazy Friends? Take a Look in the Mirror

Personality traits thought to be fixed may actually be 'contagious'

(Newser) - Some geneticists suggest that who we are is not a question of nature versus nurture, but that genes and our environment work together to influence the people we become. New research out of France furthers this notion in its finding that even the personality traits we consider to be our... More »

Keurig Is Getting Into the Soup Game

Single-serving Campbell's Soup K-Cups are on the way

(Newser) - Good news for the extremely lazy and people with a moral objection to anything larger than a single serving: Keurig has officially entered the soup game. Time reports the makers of the single-serving, pod-based coffee machines partnered with Campbell's Soup in 2013 and are finally ready to launch a... More »

Potheads Really Are Slackers, Says Science

Their brains have less of motivational chemical dopamine: study

(Newser) - Smoke a lot of marijuana for a long period, and your brain may end up making less of a chemical that helps you stay motivated, scientists say. They researched 19 regular pot smokers and 19 non-smokers of matched age and sex, scanning subjects' brains to see how chemicals were distributed,... More »

To Boost Sperm Count, Get Off the Couch

Exercise increases sperm count: new study

(Newser) - Want a higher sperm count? Get off the couch and start working out. A new Harvard University study found that college-aged men who often exercise have as much as 73% more sperm than their lazier peers, Bloomberg reports. Specifically, those who worked out more than 14 hours a week had... More »

Women May Be Smarter, But They're Also Lazier

Despite longer lifespan, ladies are less active

(Newser) - Guys, here's something to cite the next time your gal is nagging you to get off the couch: An international study suggests that women are lazier than men. A paper published by Lancet this week surveyed 122 countries to find out how active the global population is, reports Time... More »

Why We Love to Think the Jobless Are Lazy

Mythology, narcissism, and 'raw fear' drive conceit

(Newser) - In America, we like to think that the unemployed are to blame for their joblessness—that, in the words of Ben Stein, they’re “people with poor work habits and poor personalities." But any economist will tell you that’s not true, writes David Sirota in Salon . The... More »

America: Laziest Country on Earth

List crunches numbers in anti-Olympics

(Newser) - Let the Olympics rate each country’s elite athletes; the Daily Beast wanted to know which country had the laziest general populace. So they pitted 24 developed nations against each other in four statistical categories: calories consumed per day, television viewing, Internet usage, and aversion to sports. The “winners”... More »

Sitting at That Computer Is Shortening Your Life

Too much time in the chair increases risk of just about everything

(Newser) - Hey you, reading this at your computer: You might want to get up and stretch. A new study shows that every hour per day spent in front of that monitor raises your risk of early death from heart disease by a whopping 18%—ie, someone who spends an average of... More »

Lazy Bosses Go Wayyyy Back

From Clinton to Cleopatra, honchos sure know how to delegate

(Newser) - Think your boss is the first to delegate the duties and enjoy sunny days on the links? Such indulgences go way back, writes Stanley Bing in Fortune. Two thousand years ago, Cleopatra ruled Egypt by dazzling the male rulers of her time. More recently, America’s beloved Ben Franklin lived... More »

Lazy Gamblers Rent Scooters in Vegas

In the land of easy money, tourists up the ante on indolence

(Newser) - In Las Vegas, motorized scooters offer access to expansive casino floors to the elderly, the disabled—and now the lazy. For 40 chips a day, a growing number of young, healthy tourists are renting the scooters so they can hop from the slot machine to the craps table at up... More »

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