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Pic of McDonald's Worker's Kindness Will Make Your Day

Disabled man's plea for help brought out the best in Kenny Soriano-Garcia

(Newser) - When Destiny Carreno stopped at a McDonald's in downtown Chicago during rush hour one evening last week, an elderly man in a wheelchair approached one of the registers and simply asked, "Help me, please." It turns out he needed help cutting his food and eating, and "... More »

How a Guy Got Banned From All Starbucks

Rob Rowen says he received a letter banning him for life

(Newser) - A Florida man says Starbucks banned him from all locations—at least for a while—after he complained to customers who parked in the handicapped spots, Bay News 9 reports. Rob Rowen says he got miffed when customers used the spaces without so much as a limp, let alone a... More »

Wheelchair Activist Sues 39 Stores; Some Cry 'Extortion'

Linda Slone wants wheelchair access in her NYC nabe

(Newser) - A handicapped New Yorker is suing 39 stores in her neighborhood for lacking wheelchair access—a legal crusade that some shop owners are likening to extortion, the New York Post reports. Linda Slone, 64, is demanding $500 in damages and up to $15,000 in experts' and lawyers' fees in... More »

Angry Man Smashes Into Elevator, Plunges Down Shaft

Motorized scooter busts through panels to darkness

(Newser) - Take a breath. Don't mess with slow elevators. A Korean man in a motorized scooter became enraged when he just missed an elevator. He then angrily smashed into the closed doors—twice—before plunging through the panels, and down the shaft to his death . The horrifying scene was captured on... More »

Miley Dishes on Her Achy Breaky Heart

Her book says she has a fast heart rate; condition not serious

(Newser) - Miley Cyrus has a heart condition, the New York Daily News reports. The starlet discusses her tachycardia—a fast heart rate—in her new autobiography Miles to Go, saying it “isn’t dangerous” and “won’t hurt me.” However, for the Hannah Montana star, "There is... More »

Parking Police Crack Down on Handicap Fraud

Fines are skyrocketing for those who steal spots from disabled

(Newser) - People without disabilities who park their cars in handicapped spaces are being slapped with more than just karmic penalties, as local officials and civilian whistle-blowers raise fines and dole out more tickets, the AP reports. With more handicapped placards in circulation than ever, governments are getting savvy to parking fraud. More »

Lazy Gamblers Rent Scooters in Vegas

In the land of easy money, tourists up the ante on indolence

(Newser) - In Las Vegas, motorized scooters offer access to expansive casino floors to the elderly, the disabled—and now the lazy. For 40 chips a day, a growing number of young, healthy tourists are renting the scooters so they can hop from the slot machine to the craps table at up... More »

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