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Abu Ghraib Film: Too Soft on Abuses?

Documentary wins Berlin prize, criticism for 'morbid voyeurism'

(Newser) - Documentary-maker Errol Morris has often spoken truth to power, but his new film about the Abu Ghraib prison scandal may tread too lightly, Geoffrey Macnab writes in the Guardian. Though Standard Operating Procedure explores the infamous prison photos in gritty detail, Morris’ interview style—focusing mainly on implicated American soldiers... More »

Giant Bunnies Hit Silver Screen

Doc details how N. Korean officials devoured monster rabbits meant for poor

(Newser) - Giant bunnies overran the 2008 Berlin Film Festival, reports Der Spiegel—in the form of a 5-minute documentary on the international intrigue that ensued when a German rabbit breeder sent a dozen of his 20-pounders to North Korea to be bred to help alleviate hunger. Instead, they met a tragic... More »

Madonna's Directorial Debut Hits Berlin Festival

Critics give Filth and Wisdom mixed praise

(Newser) - Filth and Wisdom, the Material Girl's first behind-the-camera effort, is set to premiere tonight at the Berlin International Film Festival, Der Spiegel reports. The movie, about three young Londoners juggling various jobs to support their grander ambitions, was also produced and co-written by Madonna—whose husband, Guy Ritchie, is himself... More »

Stones Shine in Scorsese's Doc

Berlin Film Festival has satisfying opening

(Newser) - Martin Scorsese doesn’t spare the wrinkles in his latest rock documentary, Shine a Light, which opened the Berlin Film Festival with a bang yesterday. These are the Rolling Stones, after all, and Scorsese’s big point, is that they’re fundamentally the same rockers at 60-plus that they were... More »

Scorsese's Stones Film to Launch Berlin Film Festival

Rockumentary Shine a Light to be unveiled next month

(Newser) - The Berlin Film Festival will kick off next month with the world premiere of Martin Scorsese's rockumentary about the Rolling Stones, Der Spiegel reports. Scorsese and his team shot over half a million feet of film at two 2006 Rolling Stone gigs in New York. Performances by Jack White and... More »

5 Stories