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At UN Climate Conference, US Touts Coal

Audience members in Bonn, Germany, weren't pleased

(Newser) - A Trump administration panel touted coal and nuclear energy in its only official appearance at an 11-day United Nations climate conference in Germany on Monday—when it could get its message out over jeering protesters and audience members. "Without question, fossil fuels will continue to be used," though... More »

White House: Cut Carbon Now, or Pay $150B a Year Later

Climate change costs could jump 40% each decade

(Newser) - When it comes to climate change, the United States can pay to cut carbon emissions now, or we can pay about $150 billion a year down the road as costs soar by about 40% a decade, according to a White House Council of Economic Advisers analysis out today, as per... More »

EPA to Seek 30% Drop in Carbon Emissions

Environmental Protection Agency will unveil plan tomorrow

(Newser) - Heads up, coal plants: The EPA plans to unveil a new rule tomorrow seeking a 30% drop in carbon-dioxide emissions from existing power plants by 2030, sources tell the Wall Street Journal . The federal government will let states choose how to implement the rule—with more renewable energy, cap-and-trade programs,... More »

Obama to Bypass Congress, Put Limits on Power Plants

EPA to make announcement today

(Newser) - For the first time, the Environmental Protection Agency will set limits on the greenhouse gases power plants can emit. Today, the agency will announce that new coal plants' carbon emissions must stay below 1,100 pounds per megawatt hour, while new natural gas plants must maintain emissions below 1,000... More »

State of the Union to Target Emissions Cuts

EPA could move to limit existing plants' greenhouse gases

(Newser) - President Obama's 2013 State of the Union address will follow up on his inaugural call to arms against climate change, insiders say. Though the specifics aren't clear yet, it's likely Obama will discuss limiting existing power plants' emissions—a plan that could depend on his use of... More »

Greenpeace Slams Apple's 'Dirty' iCloud

Company disputes Greenpeace's data center figures

(Newser) - Apple is the worst offender among tech giants relying on "dirty energy" like coal to fuel gigantic data centers, according to a scathing Greenpeace report released this week. The report also slammed Amazon and Microsoft for excessive energy use, while praising Facebook, Google, and Yahoo for their efforts to... More »

The Coal-Powered Secret of Some Electric Cars

Coal-powered states make it dirty to 'em power up

(Newser) - Your electric car (or the one you dream of having) is greener than your neighbor's gas guzzler—right? Well, scientists now say it depends on where you live, the New York Times reports. For people in states that use natural gas, nuclear power, or hydroelectric power to fire up... More »

20 Most Toxic States

Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida at the top

(Newser) - Ohio accounts for more air pollution than any other state, according to a new report from the Natural Resources Defense Council spotted by LiveScience . The state's power plants pumped out 44.5 million pounds of chemicals in 2009, or 12% of all US industrial air pollution. Overall, US power... More »

Burning Coal Slowed Climate Change: Study

Sulfur pollution masked effect of CO2 emissions

(Newser) - The vast amounts of coal China burned during the 2000s may have actually slowed down climate change, according to a new study. Researchers believe the sulfur pollution caused by burning coal deflected the sun's rays, causing a temporary plateau in warming, the AP reports. But while sulfur drops out... More »

Greenpeace: 3 China Firms Emit More Carbon Than All of UK

(Newser) - China's inefficient power plants and heavy reliance on coal are dragging down global efforts to curb climate change, a Greenpeace report warned yesterday. The report found that major Chinese power companies are responsible for a huge amount of the country's coal use and emissions, with the top three producers alone... More »

Climate 'Urgency' Takes a Backseat to Progress: Will

(Newser) - At their recent summit, the G8 nations vowed to cut emissions 80% ... within 41 years. That seems like a pretty lethargic response to a so-called “emergency,” but as Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi said, the effort is virtually futile while “5 billion people continue to behave as they... More »

Utilities Poison Water to Meet EPA Air Regs

(Newser) - A federal law that keeps utilities from poisoning the air is causing toxic metals to infiltrate US waterways, the Washington Post reports. As the Environmental Protection Agency debates possible solutions with lawmakers, utility companies are storing pollutants like mercury and selenium in sludge ponds that eventually leak into lakes and... More »

Clean Coal Myth Proves Industry Is Declining

(Newser) - Clean coal is a myth, and the companies selling it “have their heads stuck in the mine,” Thomas Kostigen writes on MarketWatch. Although Americans generate close to 50% of their energy from coal, the technology is so yesterday—and the industry is not poised to move forward. It... More »

Carbon Dioxide Gets Buried in Midwest Experiment

Site in Illinois may be able to hold 100 billion tons of CO2

(Newser) - Construction began this week on an Energy Department project that aims to bury a million metric tons of carbon dioxide beneath Illinois' surface by 2012, Wired reports. While that's peanuts compared to the billions of tons emitted each year, the project—the largest such injection to date—could pave the... More »

Court Reinstates Bush Clean Air Rule

Federal judges reverse position on clean air rule, giving Obama time to replace it

(Newser) - A federal appeals court has decided that a flawed clean air law is better than no clean air law, the New York Times reports. Reversing an earlier judgment, the court ruled to temporarily reinstate the Clean Air Interstate Rule—which limits emissions from coal-fired power plants in 28 states—while... More »

River of Sludge Wipes Out Tenn. Homes

Hundreds of acres look like a moonscape after coal plant's pond collapses

(Newser) - A 500 million gallon spill of potentially toxic goop escaped from a Tennessee power plant to destroy the landscape, wreck 15 homes and contaminate local rivers, reports CNN. The sludgy residue of coal burning busted through the walls of a containing pond. Up to 400 acres have been coated in... More »

Green Groups Come Down on 'Clean Coal'

Gore calls the technology 'illusions of the industry'

(Newser) - A new advertising campaign backed by environmental organizations, including one supported by Al Gore, is calling into question the efficacy of “clean coal technology,” the Washington Post reports. “Clean coal” was a buzzword during this year’s election, but environmentalists think it’s an oxymoron. “We... More »

Palin: Chronicle Suppressed Obama Coal Interview

Paper: It's been online since January

(Newser) - Sarah Palin apparently believes the San Francisco Chronicle suppressed a January interview with Barack Obama, in which he threatens to bankrupt the coal industry. “You gotta listen to the tape,” Palin told an Ohio crowd yesterday. “Why is this audio tape just now surfacing? This interview was... More »

Green Vandals Acquitted on Climate Change Defense

Global crisis justifies coal-plant attack: jury

(Newser) - Six Greenpeace activists who vandalized a coal-fired power station in Britain have won acquittal using the threat of global warming as a defense, reports the Guardian. The activists, who caused more than $50,000 in damage to a smokestack, said they were trying to prevent property damage from the plant’... More »

China's Power Pollution to Pass US

CO2 emissions will double over next 12 years, think tank predicts

(Newser) - Carbon emissions from China's mostly coal-fired electric power industry will exceed those of the US this year for the first time, the Washington Post reports. China's runaway economic growth means its power industry's carbon emissions will double by 2020, predicts the Center for Global Development, a Washington-based think tank. Power... More »

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