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UN Report Describes the Hell That Is South Sudan

Country wracked by civil war, ethnic cleansing, mass rape, and famine

(Newser) - A new United Nations report paints a bleak picture of South Sudan as teetering on the edge of genocide and experiencing ethnic cleansing, adding to crises that now include famine and systematic rape in the three-year-old civil war. The seven-month inquiry by the UN Commission on Human Rights into South... More »

UN: 'Clear, Convincing' Proof of Chemical Attack

Both sides have committed war crimes, another panel concludes

(Newser) - There's "clear and convincing evidence" that surface-to-air rockets loaded with sarin gas rained down on the Ghouta area of Damascus last month, UN weapons inspectors announced today. The panel concluded that chemical weapons have been used "against civilians, including children, on a relatively large scale." The... More »

Syria Death Toll Hits 3K: UN

Commissioner on human rights calls for action

(Newser) - Three thousand people have died in the seven-month protest campaign against President Bashar al-Assad, including at least 187 children, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has announced, urging international action to end Syria’s “ruthless repression” of its people. “The onus is on all members of the... More »

Cuba Signs Human Rights Pacts at UN

But critics say the nation's dissidents must be released

(Newser) - Cuba yesterday signed a pair of legally binding human rights agreements, promising, among other things, to allow its citizens free speech, free association, and the right to travel, the BBC reports. Coming mere days after Raul Castro became president, the gesture could signal a shift in Cuba’s policy, though... More »

Waterboarding Violates UN Torture Law

Official urges nations to prosecute, but doesn't point finger

(Newser) - A top UN official said today that CIA waterboarding constitutes a war crime, but she stopped short of accusing Washington directly. "I would have no problems with describing this practice as falling under the prohibition of torture," Louise Arbour said. Her comment comes days after CIA chief Michael... More »

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