Kurt William Havelock

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Court: Man's Super Bowl Death Threats Were Legal

Overturns conviction of would-be shooter

(Newser) - A court has overturned the conviction of a man who threatened to shoot up the 2008 Super Bowl, ruling that the threat was too vague. Kurt William Havelock had sent notes to various media outlets saying he planned a “swift and bloody” shooting. “I will sacrifice your children... More »

Notoriety Drives Mass Shooters

Thirst for fame and scandal-hungry media make for dangerous combo, doctor says

(Newser) - Gunfire ripped out across the country last week in a spate of deadly shootings that were unrelated but for one haunting thread: the shooters’ desire for attention, a forensic psychiatrist tells ABC News. “We have to take the Paris Hilton attention-seeking out of crime, or innocent people will be... More »

Bar Hopeful Planned Super Bowl Massacre

Denied liquor license, angry man plotted opening fire on crowd

(Newser) - A would-be bar owner was so angry over being denied a liquor license that he nearly shot up the Super Bowl, the AP reports. Toting an assault rifle and 200 rounds of ammo, Kurt William Havelock got all the way to the Super Bowl parking lot before he thought better... More »

3 Stories