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Add Rogen, Apatow to List of Heigl Haters

Pair slams her for 2007 'batshit crazy' comments

(Newser) - Critics hate Katherine Heigl’s new movie and Internet commenters hate her attitude—and it turns out her colleagues aren’t too happy with her either, the Los Angeles Times reports. Heigl’s Knocked Up director and co-star are still pissed she implied the film was sexist back in 2007,... More »

Seth Rogen: Playboy Cover Model

Comedy star joins exclusive list of males to grace cover of men's mag

(Newser) - Seth Rogen is about to join a very selective club: Playboy is putting him on the cover of its April issue, the Daily News reports. That's an honor shared by fewer than 10 men, including Jerry Seinfeld and Steve Martin. Readers who don’t buy Playboy for the articles will... More »

Studios Bet Big on R-Rated Comedies

Risqué humor draws smaller crowds, but stars can cut loose

(Newser) - Movie studios are gambling on R-rated comedies more than ever as audiences open up to raunchier humor and stars push to showcase their talent in a less restricted setting, the AP reports. PG-13 flicks almost always draw bigger crowds, but R-rated features like Sex and the City, Wedding Crashers, and... More »

Drillbit Taylor a Total Bore

Critics describe high-school comedy as aimless, 'listless'

(Newser) - Combine the talents of the creative team behind Superbad and Knocked Up with the considerable charms of actor Owen Wilson and what have you got? The "dispiritingly mediocre tweener comedy" Drillbit Taylor, writes Marc Savlov of the Austin Chronicle. He's far from alone in his assessment of the movie,... More »

Top Breakthrough Roles of 2007

Here's a look at actors who came of age this year

(Newser) - Before No Country for Old Men, Josh Brolin couldn’t get a job. “My most famous role was in The Goonies,” he reflects. Now, scripts are pouring in. Brolin is one of the New York Times’ 15 “breakout” performers of the year. Many, though not all, are... More »

5 Stories