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Speech, Afghan Reality Don't Quite Match

Allies may not help; Afghan troops ineffective even if trained

(Newser) - President Obama’s speech tonight “raised expectations that may be hard to meet,” AP analysts Calvin Woodward and Robert Burns write, citing conditions in Afghanistan that don’t match Obama’s rhetoric:
  • US allies will add troops: In fact, this has always been a tough sell, and even
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Brits in Iraq: US Military Bosses Were 'Like Martians'

Leaked documents show US, UK commanders clashing bitterly

(Newser) - British military officers serving in Iraq in the early days found their American counterparts so uncommunicative they called them “a group of Martians” for whom “dialogue is alien." In documents leaked to the Daily Telegraph , the top British general says he didn't even have a secure line... More »

Barack: Don't Tell Europe What It Wants to Hear

Careful change is what Europe wants to believe in

(Newser) - The vast majority of Europeans are hoping Barack Obama will be elected president, according to polls that give him as much as 86% support among voters in France, Britain, and Germany. The overwhelming support reflects a hope for a new era of unity with the US, writes Roger Cohen in... More »

Bush Says Bye, Europe Says Good Riddance

Next president must restore ties with Old World, writes Cohen

(Newser) - Earlier visits by George W. Bush to Europe have been greeted by massive protests, but the president's valedictory tour of the Old World barely inspired a shrug. "Bush-bashing has become a bore," writes Roger Cohen in his New York Times column. That doesn't mean he's any better liked,... More »

Gates Asks Europe for More Afghan Troops

Says Iraq-weary Euros underestimate threat of unstable Afghanistan

(Newser) - US Defense Secretary Robert Gates appealed today to European allies to send more troops to Afghanistan, saying in Munich that the "threat posed by violent Islamic extremism is real" and that NATO's credibility in combating it is at stake, Reuters reports. France has indicated it could send more troops,... More »

5 Stories