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Is Your Castoff Their Cross?

$1B in Western clothes flood poorer nations and may undercut businesses

(Newser) - When you gave away last year's clothes, you probably didn't think that poor nations would pay big bucks for them. Yet castoffs are a $1 billion business, the Spectator reports, and may be threatening African cotton growers by flooding their nascent markets. Oxfam argues that its castoffs create jobs—washers,... More »

1-Week eBay Boycott Ends Tomorrow

Site claims 'no impact' on listings, but one source sees 13% drop

(Newser) - More eBay goodies may go on sale tomorrow as angry sellers end a 1-week boycott, USA Today reports. The ban "has had no impact on our listings," one eBay exec said, but third-party tracking sites saw a 13% drop. The sellers' snub was sparked when eBay recently upped... More »

EBay Sellers Plan Boycott Week

Movement to protest fee hikes and policy changes gains steam

(Newser) - Torqued eBay sellers are giving the online auction site some pretty clear feedback about planned changes. Using eBay's own chatrooms, sellers are trying to organize a one-week boycott to protest jacked-up fees and changed feedback rules. But the would-be boycott is nothing new, reports CNNMoney, as each January eBay introduces... More »

3 Stories