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GOP Congressman: Rocks, Silt the Cause of Rising Seas

Erosion is 'primary cause of sea level rise in the history of our planet,' says Mo Brooks

(Newser) - "What about the White Cliffs of Dover?" With that, a member of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology made clear his skepticism about human-driven climate change Wednesday, suggesting rocks falling into the sea accounted for sea level rise. Alabama Republican Mo Brooks responded to a scientist's... More »

Congressman: Putin Beat Me in Drunken Arm-Wrestling

Dana Rohrabacher recounts his strange tale from 23 years ago

(Newser) - Vladimir Putin is back in the news today, but not for the reasons you might think. BuzzFeed picks up on an interview that California congressman Dana Rohrabacher gave to radio station KPCC yesterday. In it, the former Reagan speechwriter recounts how Putin and other Russian politicians visited him around 1990... More »

Seagal Stars on Congress' Russia Trip to Probe Boston

Bombing could have been averted, lawmakers conclude

(Newser) - US lawmakers who visited Russia to learn more about the lead-up to the Boston bombings say the two countries need to cooperate more—though perhaps that was made obvious by the fact that the tour required the help of actor Steven Seagal to arrange key meetings. The action star is... More »

House Unveils Medical Pot Bill

Legalization bill gets feds out of 'never-never land,' sponsor says

(Newser) - A bipartisan bill to end the federal prohibition of medical marijuana—and close the ever-greater gap between state and federal policy—was unveiled by House lawmakers yesterday, Politico reports. Chief sponsor Earl Blumenauer, an Oregon Democrat, described the legislation as a way to clear up the current confusion around federal... More »

GOP Fires Up the Grill for Clinton, Kerry

McCain jokes that he'll waterboard Kerry

(Newser) - Both Hillary Clinton and her would-be successor John Kerry are headed to Capitol Hill: Clinton is testifying today about the Benghazi attack, while Kerry is getting ready for confirmation hearings tomorrow. A look around the landscape:
  • Republicans are hoping Clinton's hearing will finally answer some tough questions about the
... More »

Clinton: Cheney Not a 'Particularly Reliable Source'

(Newser) - No love lost between Hillary Clinton and Dick Cheney. Asked today on Capitol Hill about Cheney’s request to declassify information related to the interrogation memos, Clinton responded, “It won’t surprise you that I don’t consider him a particularly reliable source,” the Los Angeles Times reports.... More »

Colleges Give It the Old Foreign Campus Try

Top US schools opening full-degree programs across globe

(Newser) - With overseas demand for an American education skyrocketing, US universities are racing to go global, reports the New York Times. Many schools are building foreign branch campuses, where students, especially in the Middle East, can skip over to Abu Dhabi and return home with an NYU degree—without mastering culture... More »

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