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FBI Makes a Movie to Warn 20-Year-Olds: Don't Spy

Bureau releases 'Game of Pawns' as warning to students studying abroad

(Newser) - Game of Pawns opens with guys taking shots and a declaration that junior year in college "was going to be the best year of my life," and no, it's not the latest Zac Efron film. It's a 28-minute movie released last week by the FBI... More »

Studying Abroad Makes You Creative

Cultural immersion enhances humor, innovation

(Newser) - If you want to be creative, consider studying abroad. Researchers at the University of Florida, Gainesville, found that students who'd studied in Senegal, Spain, or wherever were more creative than those who had stayed home, reports Pacific Standard . Participants were tested on their reactions to unexpected questions—like how... More »

NZ on Boston U Crash: We Tell Students Not to Drive

Officials will step up warnings for international students

(Newser) - Three Boston University students studying in New Zealand were killed on Saturday when the minivan they were driving in careened off a road and crashed. Officials of the New Zealand university hosting the Boston visitors said they strongly discourage such students from driving because of their unfamiliarity with driving along... More »

Colleges Give It the Old Foreign Campus Try

Top US schools opening full-degree programs across globe

(Newser) - With overseas demand for an American education skyrocketing, US universities are racing to go global, reports the New York Times. Many schools are building foreign branch campuses, where students, especially in the Middle East, can skip over to Abu Dhabi and return home with an NYU degree—without mastering culture... More »

4 Stories