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Slew of Accusations Emerge Against Trump Campaign Manager

Sources say Corey Lewandowski roughs up reporters, is 'sexually suggestive': Politico

(Newser) - The Trump campaign manager embroiled in a dispute with an ex-Breitbart reporter who says he assaulted her apparently isn't much beloved within his own circle, either, with some staffers even planning a coup last month, sources tell Politico . Labeled by Roll Call as a "seasoned political operative" known... More »

Amid Growing Storm, Weiner Dumped By Campaign Manager

As basically everyone races to pronounce his political life DOA

(Newser) - Huma Abedin is thus far still standing behind her man , but the guy running Anthony Weiner's campaign for New York City mayor is not. Weiner's 31-year-old campaign manager, Danny Kedem, has quit, reports the New York Times , in the latest tire to blow out for an increasingly battered... More »

Political Consultant Behind Fake Sandy Tweets

His false information made it into news broadcasts

(Newser) - A Twitter user who spread false information as superstorm Sandy battered New York City has been unmasked by BuzzFeed as the campaign manager for Christopher Wright, the Republican House candidate from New York's 12th congressional district. Among the rumors started by hedge fund manager Shashank Tripathi, using the name... More »

Dem Politico's Cat Killed, 'Liberal' Scrawled on It

Carcass found on family porch, head bashed in

(Newser) - An Arkansas campaign manager arrived home with his four kids to discover the family cat dead on the front porch, its head bashed in and "liberal" written on its side in black marker, reports CBS News . Jake Burris, who has been working on Democratic candidate Ken Aden's run... More »

Bachmann's Iowa Chair Defects to Ron Paul

Bachmann accuses Kent Sorenson of selling out

(Newser) - With the Iowa caucuses just days away, it's not looking good for Michele Bachmann: Her Iowa campaign chair has defected to Ron Paul. Kent Sorenson, an Iowa state senator, says it was a tough decision, but he felt obligated to defend Paul against the Republican establishment, the Washington Post... More »

Smoking Cain Aide Has Dubious Past

Mark Block once accused of voter suppression, banned from campaigning

(Newser) - Mark Block—the Herman Cain campaign manager who shot to notoriety earlier this week by way of a campaign ad featuring him puffing on a cigarette —is an advisor with a long history of questionable tactics, reports the AP . He was banned from running Wisconsin campaigns for three years... More »

Huntsman's Campaign Manager Quits

A 'retooling' of the campaign, maybe?

(Newser) - This probably doesn't say great things about Jon Huntsman's 2012 race so far: His campaign manager is resigning, the Washington Post reports. A Huntsman adviser didn’t explain the reason for Susie Wiles' departure other than noting “the campaign is moving into phase two, which will be... More »

Angle's Campaign Like a Dumb and Dumber Sequel

Not 'one good thing' about campaign manager

(Newser) - The fat lady may have sung and left the building, but Politico returns to the topic of Harry Reid's win—arguing that he got a helping hand from Sharron Angle’s disastrous Senate campaign. It reports that Angle's campaign was plagued from within by disorganization and misguided management. It began... More »

Plouffe Snags 7-Figure Book Deal

(Newser) - Barack Obama's campaign manager, David Plouffe, has agreed to a 7-figure deal to write a book about last year's presidential election. The Audacity to Win: The Inside Story and Lessons of Barack Obama's Historic Victory will be published by Viking next fall. Two publishing executives said that bidding for the... More »

Plouffe: This Was About Obama

Still ostentation averse, Plouffe credits teamwork and focus

(Newser) - Stepping out from behind the curtain where he directed Barack Obama's earth-shaking campaign, David Plouffe quietly professes pride in the historic achievement to Lloyd Grove in Portfolio, and talks about a race where stability and consistency won the day and "Clinton might have won the nomination if she had... More »

Plouffe Plans How-to Book

Audacity to Win more strategy than tell-all: Plouffe

(Newser) - Barack Obama's media-evading campaign manager is writing a book about the historic election victory, and has retained his old boss' literary rep to shop the proposal to publishers. The Audacity to Win will give an inside look at the Obama run and also advice for how to manage a large... More »

Plouffe: the Other Big Winner in the Obama Victory

Campaign manager's unswerving strategy praised; administration role uncertain

(Newser) - Barack Obama, in his victory speech Tuesday, called campaign manager David Plouffe the effort’s “unsung hero,” and his steady strategy is earning praise from Democrats, Republicans, and academics, the Wilmington (Del.) News Journal reports. Plouffe, 41, said he’s not planning on a White House post,... More »

'Bullet' Mixes Rove-Style Bile, Gambling for Stretch Run

Steve Schmidt, brought aboard in July, has made daring part of McCain campaign

(Newser) - While pundits might disagree about results, there’s no doubt John McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin and his move to suspend his campaign over the bailout are huge gambles that can be traced to strategist Steve Schmidt, the Los Angeles Times reports. Nicknamed “Bullet” by strategist Karl Rove,... More »

'Sergeant Schmidt' to Whip McCain Camp Into Shape

Tough-talking GOP veteran takes the helm at HQ

(Newser) - The man Karl Rove nicknamed "Bullet" and John McCain calls "Sergeant Schmidt" has taken over day-to-day control of McCain's campaign, and his no-nonsense style is expected to make an immediate impact, Politico reports. Steve Schmidt, a hardworking veteran of the Bush and Schwarzenegger campaigns, is famed for his... More »

Shuffle Atop McCain Team Yields Combative New Boss

Steve Schmidt takes day-to-day reins from Rick Davis, who'll focus on big picture

(Newser) - John McCain has ordered a shake-up at the helm of his campaign operation, Politico reports, with top aide Steve Schmidt taking day-to-day control from manager Rick Davis, whose focus will shift to the big picture. Schmidt, known for an aggressive style honed on President Bush's and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's re-election... More »

Clinton Team Loses Another Top Staffer

Deputy manager resigns days after campaign chief

(Newser) - With the Clinton campaign struggling to right itself amid a string of losses, another top-ranking staffer has resigned, the Washington Post reports. Mike Henry, the campaign's deputy manager, stepped down just days after campaign chief Patti Solis Doyle did the same. Henry said he quit to allow new chief Maggie... More »

Clinton Manager Calls It Quits

Campaign chief mum on motive after Obama sweeps 4 races; will remain as adviser

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton's campaign manager quit today, reports ABC News, giving no explanation in an email to staffers other than the campaign "has required enormous sacrifices from all of us and our families." Patti Solis Doyle will stay on as a senior adviser, but passes the torch to Maggie... More »

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