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The Army Would Please Like These Kisses to Stop

No more smooching soldiers on St. Patrick's Day in Savannah

(Newser) - The Army wants to halt a favorite St. Patrick's Day shenanigan in Savannah that for decades has left marching soldiers with cheeks smeared in bright red lipstick. Roughly 200 soldiers from nearby Fort Stewart plan to take part in the March 17 parade, which organizers say could draw 500,... More »

5 Worst Celebrity Kissers

Kissing Tom Cruise isn't necessarily fun

(Newser) - It must be fun to be an actor, always getting to kiss other hot celebrities in movies, right? Well ... not necessarily. OK! rounds up 10 of the worst celebrity kissers:
  • Kate Hudson: Dane Cook called her his worst on-screen kiss, saying that while filming My Best Friend's Girl, "
... More »

Romance Publisher Trying to Patent the Kiss

But don't worry, Harlequin won't charge you for smooching if it succeeds

(Newser) - Harlequin Enterprises, publisher of such titillating romance titles as Roughneck Cowboy and The Nanny and the CEO, is trying to patent the kiss. Does that mean you might someday have to pay a licensing fee if you want to lock lips? Nope: "Should this patent be approved and registered... More »

Makeout Movie Heats Up City of Light

Kisses from Paris targets young lovers

(Newser) - A short film by a well-known director of a couple making out in parks, under bridges and on the streets of Paris is the city's latest attempt to seduce tourists. The 3-minute movie, Kisses From Paris, debuts on YouTube today. The quickie film features a smooching woman lamenting to her... More »

Mexicans Kiss Off Smooching Ban

Town's effort to ban kissing sparks passionate national protests

(Newser) - Outraged Mexicans joined forces—and lips—to kiss away a city's efforts to ban public smooching, the Los Angeles Times reports. Guanajuato's law drew national ridicule and protesters soon started kissing en masse in front of city hall. Newspaper columnists and politicians lined up to defend the kiss as a... More »

Put Your Honey Where Your Mouth Is

As Valentine's Day approaches, scientists find gender rift on locking lips

(Newser) - From a peck on the cheek to "get a room"-level PDA, kissing is everywhere, but for an activity common to almost every culture, it's remarkably underscrutinized, reports the Washington Post. One study of college student kissers found that men see kissing mostly as a precursor to sex, while... More »

6 Stories