French kissing

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Word for French Kiss Finally Enters French Lexicon

But 'galocher' isn't in the official dictionary yet

(Newser) - The most popular word of the day seems to be "galocher." As multiple stories are happily pointing out—like these at Global Post and the Huffington Post —it is a new French word that means "to kiss with tongues." Yes, it seems that France has... More »

Germy Kissing Is the Point

Swapping spit boosts immunity, say scientists

(Newser) - A kiss apparently is not just a kiss. An unromantic team of scientists has determined that the point of kissing is to spread germs and increase lovers' immunity and health. The bug cytomegalovirus, which is dangerous in pregnancy, is passed from smooching men to give a woman time to build... More »

Put Your Honey Where Your Mouth Is

As Valentine's Day approaches, scientists find gender rift on locking lips

(Newser) - From a peck on the cheek to "get a room"-level PDA, kissing is everywhere, but for an activity common to almost every culture, it's remarkably underscrutinized, reports the Washington Post. One study of college student kissers found that men see kissing mostly as a precursor to sex, while... More »

3 Stories