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Goldman Sachs Owns Stake in Sex Trafficking Website was already the target of legal action

(Newser) - The No. 1 American website for sex trafficking of underage girls is And is owned by Village Voice Media, which is 16% owned by ... Goldman Sachs. The Wall Street firm "was mortified when I began inquiring last week about its stake in America’s leading... More »

Detroit Cops Link Trunk Murders to Escort Site

3 of 4 murdered women linked to escort site

(Newser) - Police in Detroit believe a killer may be targeting women who advertise adult escort services on Two dead women were found in the trunk of a burning car on Christmas morning, less than a week after the bodies of another two women were found in a car abandoned... More »

Facebook Sues 'Shagbook' Over Name

Dating site fights back, challenges trademark granted to Zuckerberg

(Newser) - A few months ago, Facebook sued adult dating site Shagbook over trademark infringement; now, the makers of Shagbook are hitting back, arguing that “facebook” is a “generic term.” Facebook says Shagbook is too close to its own name and suggests “the intent to call to mind... More »

Playboy Launches SFW Website

As long as your boss doesn't mind lingerie pics

(Newser) - Good news for those of you who “only read it for the articles:” Playboy now has a safe-for-work website. , named for one of Hugh Hefner’s favorite articles of clothing, still has lots of lingerie on the front page…but no nudity! “The ideal is... More »

.xxx Porn Sites May Be Coming Soon

Icann to revisit proposal for adult domain name

(Newser) - If your plans to buy were hopelessly derailed when Icann reversed a decision to start selling .xxx domain names, never fear: The Internet’s governing body is set to revisit that ruling. “If the contract is signed, we could be selling names by the end of... More »

Dow and Dirty: Investor Pushes Porn Hedge Fund

AdultVest, claiming 50% growth, sinks money into porn for iPod, among other things

(Newser) - Looking for a conservative investment? Forget bonds and go for bondage—or, at least, that’s the pitch for AdultVest, a hedge fund its CEO tells the Atlantic is an adult-entertainment industry first. The spiel: AdultVest is up 50% in the past year (based on “very conservative” appraisals), and... More »

Online Hookup Hopefuls Gain Mapping Aid

Website offers curious users directions to getting lucky

(Newser) - In what may be the most opportunistic mashup ever, a web entrepreneur is putting a bold spin on the modern hookup, reports Wired. A new website scans the anything-goes "Casual Encounters" section of Craigslist, then integrates the postings with Google Maps, designating the locations of random horny strangers with... More »

Shopping in the Online Meat Market

Adult FriendFinder, with seemingly 30:1 male-female ration, poor choice for women

(Newser) - Adult FriendFinder may have 30 million users, but that doesn't mean it's easy to find partners for sex, love, or anything else with a few clicks. The site claims to have an even split of men and women, but from posts and chat rooms, it looks more like 30:1.... More »

Porn Firm Sues YouTube Clone

Copyrighted raunch showing up on YouTube knockoff

(Newser) - Los Angeles porn producer Vivid Entertainment Group is suing one of the many pornographic knockoffs of YouTube, claiming copyright infringement, reports the Los Angeles Times. The action is similar to Viacom’s suit against YouTube last year, which claimed the video-sharing site isn’t doing enough to prevent users from... More »

YouPorn Is Killing the Porn Biz

(Newser) - As with so many other industries, porn is under assault from the changes wrought by the internet. Claire Hoffman chronicles the challenge a free file-sharing porn site, YouPorn, poses to adult industry goliath, Vivid Entertainment, in Portfolio magazine. The ready availability of pornography on the internet has sent DVD sales,... More »

Porn Seeps Into Workplace Via Laptops and Phones

Employers block sites but problem persists

(Newser) - It's been a decade since the advent of online pornography started driving down productivity in offices, but new portable technologies have made it easier than ever to beat firewalls and check out naughty pictures on the job. USA Today writes that while 65% of American companies use porn-blocking software, it's... More »

Hackers Add Smut to Govt. Sites

They hit California especially hard, and not easy fixes are in sight

(Newser) - Hackers are wreaking havoc on government websites, and the problem isn't going away anytime soon, PC World reports. Last week, people who visited government sites in California and elsewhere were redirected to porn. The feds began pulling the plug on all of California's sites but reversed course when state officials... More »

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