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Detroit Mess May Hurt Obama

In battleground Michigan, GOP seizing on Dem's support of ousted Detroit mayor

(Newser) - The fall of Kwame Kilpatrick could hurt Barack Obama’s chances in all-important Michigan, writes Keith Naughton for Newsweek. Long before the scandal broke, Obama embraced Kilpatrick at a Detroit event and told a crowd the “great” mayor would do “astounding things for many years to come”—... More »

Clintons Aim for Suburban Voters in NC

Bill carves rural niche, where 'it doesn't get complicated'

(Newser) - Urbanites in North Carolina prefer Barack Obama, while rural voters side with Hillary Clinton—which is why she spent all weekend trying to sway mixed regions like small cities and far-out suburbs. Obama, meanwhile, is counting on a hidden strength with country folk and his far-reaching publicity machine to win... More »

Key to Success in Indiana Lies in the Suburbs

Demographics reflect national picture on small scale

(Newser) - Indiana is an especially hard state to suss out ahead of next week’s primary, because its recent fortunes lie somewhere between those of flush Connecticut and struggling Ohio. Racial factors aren’t significant, so the Democratic race likely turns on economics, with prosperous areas favoring Barack Obama and the... More »

Potential Bellwether Va. Shades From Red to Blue

Longtime GOP state among moderates flirting with Democrats

(Newser) - Virginia will have its critical primary moment tomorrow, but the state may play an even bigger role in November—that of a red state turning blue, reports the Wall Street Journal. The former Confederate seat has voted Republican in every election but one since 1952, but lately has elected two... More »

4 Stories