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5 States Republicans and Democrats Aren't Fans Of

Sorry, Michigan

(Newser) - Pick a state, any state, and ask a bunch of people if they have a favorable impression of it. Generally speaking, Democrats and Republicans will answer differently—in 37 states, a clear majority of either Republicans or Democrats will give it a thumb's up. But YouGov points out that... More »

If He's Not Careful, Perry Might Turn Texas Blue

Ronald Brownstein: Opposition to ObamaCare might energize Hispanics

(Newser) - Texas in the blue-state camp? If that turns out to be the case years from now, Republicans will be able to trace it back to 2013 and Rick Perry's stubborn refusal to accept federal money to expand Medicaid, writes Ronald Brownstein in the National Journal . Other GOP governors have... More »


A list of the blue states in this year's election

(Newser) - The results are in, and the win goes to President Obama. Here are the states that aligned behind him for an Electoral College tally of 332 to 206:
  • Virginia (13)
  • Vermont (3)
  • Illinois (20)
  • Connecticut (7)
  • Maine (4)
  • District of Columbia (3)
  • Delaware (3)
  • Rhode Island (4)
  • Maryland (10)
  • Massachusetts
... More »

Romney Looks to Swing 3 Blue States

Campaign, super PACs eye Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota

(Newser) - With the election less than a week away, Mitt Romney is making a push in some seemingly unlikely places. Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Minnesota have all gone blue since at least 1988—and Minnesota has the longest blue streak of any state, going the way of the Democrats since 1972. Still,... More »

Political Divide Gets Wider

Midterm Republican sweep wasn't consistent across US

(Newser) - Unlike the midterm election victory in 1994 when Republican gains were consistent across the US, the 2010 GOP sweep shows a widening of the gulf between large urban areas on the coasts and the less populated areas in the middle of the country. Analysis in the Washington Post finds GOP... More »

Red Sox Hero Schilling Won't Nix Run for Kennedy Seat

Retired pitcher has been vocal Republican supporter in recent elections

(Newser) - Curt Schilling, the volubly Republican All-Star pitcher who helped the Boston Red Sox end their 86-year World Series drought, has “been contacted” about a run to fill Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat, he tells NECN. “I do have some interest in the possibility,” Schilling, 42, writes on... More »

Allen's Idol Win Another Triumph for Religious Right

(Newser) - Last night’s American Idol was more than just a reality-show finale: It was a symbolic victory of the religious right over the liberal left; red states over blue states. At least according to two bloggers. “For a theory about how Kris Allen pulled an upset over the wildly... More »

Blue States Dominate, and Purple Gains Ground

Dramatic shift in electorate favors liberals: poll

(Newser) - Blue states are far bluer than red states are red, says a new Gallup poll. Party registrations favor Democrats—they lead by 10 or more percentage points in 29 states and the DC, compared to four states where Republicans dominate—suggesting that Dems can expand on ther gains they made... More »


(Newser) - Barack Obama started his push to 270 with few surprises, taking Vermont—and then most of New England, including major wins in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida. Here's a rundown on the states the Obama/Biden ticket clinched on its road to victory:
  • Vermont (3)
  • Massachusetts (12)
  • Delaware (3)
  • DC (3)
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Dire Economy Boosts Obama in Swing States

GOP has hard time making case to worried voters for 4 more years

(Newser) - As voters turn green over the shaky economy, the electoral map is turning blue, according to a New York Times tally. Barack Obama is hitting hard in nine states that George Bush took in 2004 and weren’t expected to be tossups this close to November—forcing John McCain to... More »

Election May Come Down to Same Ol' States

Focus back on Ohio, Fla., Penn., Mich., despite Obama plans

(Newser) - In the final 50 days, the biggest change in Barack Obama's camp is a return to old political strategy, the Washington Post reports. Partly because Sarah Palin's selection has solidified red/blue divisions of past years, Obama is targeting the same swing states—Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, Florida—that determined the past... More »

Purple Voters Shade Right: Study

Swing group in swing states on conservative side of middle of the road

(Newser) - A study by a marketing firm finds that swing voters tend to be older and lean conservative, reports Advertising Age. The study broke down the US into red, blue, and purple states; within each, researchers used marketing tools to examine voter characteristics. They found that “purple states” are those... More »

50-State Strategy Could Heal Red/Blue Divide

Why the candidates are doing the right thing

(Newser) - Barack Obama and John McCain each hope to widen the playing field this November, and that could be a good thing for the country, writes Ronald Brownstein for the National Journal. Part of the reason America is so partisan is because it’s politically balkanized. In 2000 and 2004, both... More »

Obama Aims Blue Paintbrush at Red States

Campaign turns to Clinton supporters in new hirings

(Newser) - Barack Obama’s campaign will hit GOP-dominated states as the candidate looks toward November, starting tomorrow with North Carolina, the New York Times reports. Obama hopes he can turn those states blue with the help of get-out-the-vote operations launched during the primaries—and aims to use his financial heft to... More »

Turning Red States Blue a Tall Order for Obama

Primary voters a far cry from general election pool in some states

(Newser) - Barack Obama's sweep of red state primaries has won converts to Obama's claim that he can redraw the political map in November and take states that Democrats have long written off as hopelessly red. Not so fast, warns the Washington Post—Dem primary voters do not reflect the general election... More »

Potential Bellwether Va. Shades From Red to Blue

Longtime GOP state among moderates flirting with Democrats

(Newser) - Virginia will have its critical primary moment tomorrow, but the state may play an even bigger role in November—that of a red state turning blue, reports the Wall Street Journal. The former Confederate seat has voted Republican in every election but one since 1952, but lately has elected two... More »

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