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An Old Friend Is Headed for a New Stamp

USPS Forever Stamp with Mister Rogers, his King Friday XIII puppet to be unveiled March 23

(Newser) - It's a beautiful day in the postal neighborhood. The US Postal Service plans to issue a new stamp featuring Mister Rogers, the children's television host known for his zip-up cardigan, sneakers, and soothing manner. The Forever Stamp will be unveiled March 23 at WQED's Fred Rogers Studio... More »

Inverted Jenny Stamp Returned for $50K Reward

Just one stolen stamp remains missing

(Newser) - A rare 1918 US postage stamp featuring an upside-down plane that was stolen six decades ago and ended up in Northern Ireland was returned to its American owner on Thursday. Keelin O'Neill, who inherited the stamp several years ago from his grandfather, turned it over at the World Stamp... More »

'Inverted Jenny' Stamp Surfaces 61 Years After It Was Stolen

'One of the most notorious crimes in philatelic history'

(Newser) - An incredibly rare and valuable stamp stolen right out of its exhibition frame at a 1955 convention resurfaced this month in New York and has promptly rocked the philatelic world. "Inverted Jenny" stamps are considered the most famous in America: A printing accident in 1918 produced a single sheet... More »

USPS Price Cut Is 1st in 100 Years

And the postal service isn't very happy about it

(Newser) - Starting Sunday, snail mail will cost you a little less: The price of a first-class stamp dropped two cents to 47 cents in the United States Postal Service's first rate drop in a century, reports USA Today . Postcard stamps likewise take a one-cent drop, to 34 cents, and international... More »

59 Years Later, Hunt Is On for 2 Stolen 'Jennies'

$100K reward offered for missing stamps

(Newser) - In 1955, thieves stole four prized stamps—and more than half a century later, two still haven't been found. A dealer recently promised a $50,000 reward for each of the stamps, known as Inverted Jennies, the New York Times reports. A stamp library is also prepared to pay... More »

Stamp Owned by Killer Sets 4th World Record

By weight, stamp is most expensive thing ever sold

(Newser) - The most valuable substance on Earth is now paper —if it happens to have an 1856 British Guiana 1-cent stamp printed on it. The rare stamp, the only one of its kind still in existence, sold for $9.5 million to an anonymous buyer at auction last night, reports... More »

This Will Be the Priciest Object Ever Sold*

*By size and weight

(Newser) - A stamp, created by a newspaper publisher when a British colony ran out of proper stamps in 1856, "will be by size and weight simply the most expensive object ever sold in history." The British Guiana One-Cent Black on Magenta stamp will sell at Sotheby's on June... More »

Steve Jobs Is Getting a Stamp

We're totally iMessaging people to tell them to expect the letter

(Newser) - Steve Jobs loved keeping his products under wraps, so he'd probably be annoyed that word has leaked a year early that the US Postal Service plans to immortalize him on a stamp*. A document obtained by the Washington Post reveals the USPS' stamp plans through 2016. The list includes... More »

Cost of a Stamp Just Went Up 3 Cents

USPS gets rate hike; stamp will now cost 49 cents

(Newser) - The good old USPS got its three-cent rate hike approved today, in a move aimed at stemming the $5 billion that the post office says it lost in the last fiscal year. The change—which brings the cost of a first-class stamp to 49 cents—goes into effect on Jan.... More »

USPS Wants to Charge You 3 More Cents to Mail Letter

That would make it 49 cents

(Newser) - We hope you've all been saving up for the lean times, because the US Postal Service today announced that it wants to raise the price of stamps by 3 cents. That means that mailing a letter first class will now cost 49 cents. The chairman of the postal Board... More »

Stamps Going Up a Penny

It will cost 46 cents to mail a letter

(Newser) - The cost of mailing a first-class letter will go up by a penny in January. The Postal Regulatory Commission today approved the proposed rate increase, which raises the price of a first-class domestic stamp to 46 cents. The price of a postcard will increase from 32 cents to 33 cents,... More »

Unsold Simpsons Stamps Cost USPS $1.2M

Yet another blow for the beleaguered USPS

(Newser) - Homer Simpson has managed to bungle things once again—this time for the USPS. Bloomberg reports that the agency's run of 1 billion Simpsons stamps turned out to be a money-losing proposition for the money-losing service. It sold only 318 million of them, washing some $1.2 million in... More »

Stamps Might Hit 50 Cents

Postal Service cites need for quick action from Congress

(Newser) - 50-cent stamps, anyone? That's one of the changes the postmaster-general wants Congress to act on quickly if the service is to survive, reports the Wall Street Journal . That increase of a nickel for a first-class stamp is actually one of the minor proposals from Patrick Donahoe. He also laid... More »

Stamps Going Up a Penny

It will cost 45 cents to mail a first-class letter in January

(Newser) - Given the dire financial straits of the Postal Service, this shouldn't be a huge surprise: The price of a stamp is going up a penny to 45 cents in January, reports the Washington Post . The first hike in more than two years is expected to pull in an extra... More »

USPS Offers Sneak Peek of 2012 Stamps

So far, stamps commemorate DC cherry blossoms, creator of Tarzan

(Newser) - Want to be the first to know what next year's stamps will look like? The post office is offering a sneak peek at some of the postage it plans to issue in 2012. You can preview the stamps on the Postal Service's Facebook or Twitter pages, and they... More »

Stamp Honors Lady Liberty ...Using Vegas Replica

Photo of casino replica used to mark statue's 125th anniversary

(Newser) - A sharp-eyed collector spotted a small problem with the US Post Office's new stamp celebrating the 125th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty: Officials used a picture of the wrong statue. The Lady Liberty that graces the stamp is actually that of the replica that stands outside the New... More »

Raising the Price of Stamps Is Smart

Businesses have to get smarter about snail mail

(Newser) - The Postal Service's proposal to raise the price of stamps to 46 cents has set off the usual complaints, but Daniel Gross at Slate thinks it's a smart move. The current system is way too bloated, and a price increase might once and for all force junk mailers and department... More »

Post Office to Beg for Another Rate Hike Today

Just 14 months since the last hike to 44 cents for first class

(Newser) - The Postal Service, gushing red ink like the Deepwater Horizon is oil, wants to raise the price of postage again—barely a year after the last rate hike. Today it's scheduled to announce how much it'll be looking for from the independent Postal Regulatory Commission for review. More »

Check Out the 2010 Stamps

Katharine Hepburn, Mother Teresa, Negro Leagues baseball make the cut

(Newser) - Nobel Prize winner Mother Teresa, Oscar-winning actress Katharine Hepburn, singing cowboy Gene Autry, artist Winslow Homer, and Pulitzer Prize winner Bill Mauldin will be honored on US postage stamps next year. Other new stamps will honor baseball's Negro Leagues, the Sunday funnies and the Hawaiian rain forest, the AP reports.... More »

Stamps Go Up 2 Cents in May

(Newser) - The price of a first-class stamp will rise 2 cents to 44 cents on May 11, the Postal Service said today. That leaves plenty of time to stock up on Forever Stamps, which will continue to sell at the current 42-cent rate until the increase occurs. They will remain valid... More »

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