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Big Lebowski for Rent on Facebook

You can 'like' specific scenes and lines

(Newser) - It's now the easiest it's ever been to share your favorite The Big Lebowski quote with strangers. The Coen brothers' cult classic is available to rent on Facebook , where you can "like" and comment on specific scenes and lines as you progress through the movie, reports Mashable... More »

Movie Rental Kiosks Beat Out Stores Last Year

But subscription services still reign

(Newser) - Movie rental kiosks' market share surpassed that of retail stores in 2010, a study finds: Kiosks such as Redbox hosted 31% of third-quarter rentals, while 27% were from actual stores. Subscription services had the biggest market share, with 41%. Kiosks' market share grew 10 percentage points year-over-year, while stores dropped... More »

Avatar Busts Another Record

Sells 2.7 million Blu-ray discs in just 4 days

(Newser) - Add another record to the books: It took Avatar a whopping four days to sell as many Blu-ray discs as previous record holder The Dark Knight has sold in the past 16 months. But wait, there's more: In addition to the 2.7 million such discs 20th Century Fox has... More »

Blu-Ray Goes 3D With New Standards

New players will export two images in full 1080p

(Newser) - Blu-ray players will soon come equipped to show 3D movies in full 1080p, thanks to new standards announced yesterday. Players built to conform with the new standard, which should begin shipping next year, will send two images to the TV, both in full resolution. With the proper glasses, those images... More »

Wal-Mart Will Push TVs, Laptops on Black Friday

Discount circular leaks ahead of schedule

(Newser) - Details of Wal-Mart's Black Friday deals—normally kept under wraps until Thanksgiving week—have been obtained by CNNMoney and partially confirmed by the retailer. The day after Thanksgiving will see deep discounts on high-def TVs, laptops, and Blu-ray players. Some specifics:
  • Sanyo 50-inch plasma TVs will be available for $598.
... More »

3-D TV Shows Promise, But Those Glasses Still a Must

You'll have stuff to watch next year—but you still need specs

(Newser) - Admit it, your heart skips a beat at the prospect of a 3-D high-definition TV in your own home. And by this time next year, Sony and Panasonic will have ‘em on the market. But—and it’s a big one, even after the cost—you’re going to... More »

Neil Young's Latest Redefines Compilations

10-disc set bursting with music, photos, video

(Newser) - Neil Young leaves other retrospectives in the dust with a look back at his career that spans 10 Blu-ray discs or DVDs, or eight CDs, the Chicago Tribune reports. Neil Young Archives: Volume 1, 1963-1972 contains everything from high school band recordings through Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young to his... More »

Hollywood Reeling From DVD Slump

Disappearing profits threaten movies, star deals

(Newser) - Hollywood studios are faced with huge losses because of a 21% slump in DVD sales and the fallout from the crisis on Wall Street, reports the Financial Times. Studio heads have been forced to cut back on the number of new movies in production and are preparing to trim the... More »

Netflix From Web to TV? You've Got Options

Blu-ray setup, Xbox and custom-built player all serviceable options

(Newser) - For those who disdain DVDs and won’t watch movies on computers, there are perfectly passable devices that get streaming video from Netflix to your TV, Nick Wingfield writes in the Wall Street Journal after testing an LG Blu-ray player, the Xbox game console, and a purpose-built device from Roku.... More »

Blu-Ray Never Sleeps

Young goes digital with complete archive, new material on interactive discs

(Newser) - Fans of Neil Young will soon be able to buy his entire music archive on Blu-ray discs, the AP reports. The first 10-disc set, out this fall, will cover the prolific rocker’s career from 1963 to 1972 and will include some previously unreleased songs, videos, and handwritten manuscripts. Buyers... More »

DreamWorks in Limbo over HD DVD Format

Movie maker says it has 'an obligation' to stick with Toshiba's HD DVD

(Newser) - Despite the fact that Toshiba lost its war with Sony’s Blu-ray disc technology, DreamWorks Animation says it plans to release its upcoming movies in the HD DVD format, unless it hears otherwise from Toshiba, Reuters reports. DreamWorks’ “Bee Movie” is scheduled for release in March. The studio said... More »

Toshiba Throws in HD Towel

Rival Blu-ray wins the battle of high-def movie formats

(Newser) - Toshiba is quitting the HD DVD player business after taking a licking in the protracted market competition, the company announced today. Toshiba's exit, which leaves Blu-ray's technology alone at the vanguard of digital video, comes after Warner Brothers joined the crowd of Blu-ray backers, leaving HD DVD in the cold,... More »

Netflix Goes Blue

Rental service will phase out HD DVD

(Newser) - The Netflix DVD rental service has decided to go exclusively with Blu-Ray as its hi-def format for customers, rather than HD DVD. By the end of the year, Netflix will no longer offer HD DVDs, reports CNET. The service made the decision based on the momentum towards Blu-Ray by Hollywood... More »

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