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Why China's Antarctica Presence Is Worrying Some

Country rapidly expanding polar presence

(Newser) - China took a long time to get to Antarctica, but the country is now boosting its presence there at a rate that some experts find alarming, according to the New York Times . The country has now opened a fourth research station on the frozen continent and knows where it will... More »

Great Blue Whales Scarf 500K Calories Per Mouthful

One lunge nets about 1,100 pounds of krill

(Newser) - The blue whale is the most mammoth creature ever to grace the planet, so it might behoove us puny little humans to pay attention to how it sustains its 100-ton-plus mass. Scientist Jeremy Goldbogen monitored some 265 great blues to determine their feeding efficiency (calories expended versus calories gained), reports... More »

Warming Dooms King Penguins

Rising temperatures may drive them to extinction in 20 years

(Newser) - Global warming could drive king penguins into extinction in the next 20 years, a new study warns. Research indicates that a rise in ocean temperature of just 0.47 degrees—well below the forecast—would reduce the animals' critical supply of lantern fish and krill, reports the Los Angeles Times.... More »

3 Stories