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Obama Could Grant a Christmas Wish for 200K

Fearing deportation under Trump, immigrants hope for his pardon

(Newser) - As a teenager, 31-year-old Liz was convicted of fraud after attempting to return an item to a store for her uncle (she was unaware he hadn't bought it there). Years later, she was convicted again after agreeing to pick up a package for a friend, which she later learned... More »

How Mexico Hopes to Stop Trump From Winning

Consulates are hosting free workshops across the US

(Newser) - As Donald Trump talks about building a "big beautiful wall" on the southern US border, Mexico is apparently hatching plans to prevent a Trump presidency. While Mexico officially refuses to interfere in the election, Mexican diplomats in the US are helping Mexican permanent residents fast-track to US citizenship by... More »

Illegal Immigration Spurs Identity Theft

But many federal agencies aren't doing enough, City Journal says

(Newser) - Identity theft and illegal immigration are not only keeping cops busy, they're often linked, Steven Malanga writes in City Journal. Illegals are known to swipe US workers' data to obtain jobs or commit crimes, and the top five states for identity theft have large immigrant populations. But efforts to stop... More »

FBI Bails on Immigrant Probes as Backlogs Mount

Backlog means immigrants will be granted residency before background checks

(Newser) - Immigration officials are expected to grant green cards to tens of thousands of aliens before required FBI background checks, because the Department of Homeland Security is struggling under a ballooning backlog, McClatchy Newspapers reports. Background checks would be performed after immigrants are granted residency, which could be revoked if problems... More »

4 Stories