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US Illegal Immigration Plunges

For the first time in years, legal immigrants outnumber incoming illegals

(Newser) - The number of illegal immigrants entering the US has plummeted in the last several years, a new study has found. Close to 800,000 illegal immigrants entered the US each year from 2000-2004, but 500,000 have entered each year since, reports the Washington Post. For the first time in... More »

Minorities Surging to Majority

Changes will dramatically alter political landscape

(Newser) - America's demographics will dramatically change by mid-century, with the white population slipping to a minority of 46% of Americans, according to projections  from the Census Bureau. Minority kids will make up 66% of the nation's population of children, reports the Washington Post. The number of Hispanics is expected to... More »

FBI Bails on Immigrant Probes as Backlogs Mount

Backlog means immigrants will be granted residency before background checks

(Newser) - Immigration officials are expected to grant green cards to tens of thousands of aliens before required FBI background checks, because the Department of Homeland Security is struggling under a ballooning backlog, McClatchy Newspapers reports. Background checks would be performed after immigrants are granted residency, which could be revoked if problems... More »

3 Stories