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Apple Builds New Team of Chip Gurus

Hires hint that company is plotting to create its own, secret circuits

(Newser) - Apple has been steadily assembling a team of experts with the capability to design the company's own brand of chips, the Wall Street Journal reports. Insiders say the move—a major shift in strategy—will help Apple design new, exclusive features for its gadgets, and will eliminate the need for... More »

Intel Unveils High-Speed Chip

(Newser) - Intel has rolled out a new chip for servers that will more than double the effectiveness of systems but consume no extra power, the Wall Street Journal reports. The Xeon 5500 excels at “virtualization,” allowing multiple operating systems and applications to run on one server—which Intel hopes... More »

Intel Rides Global Sales to Strong Q1

Profit jumps 9% as chip-maker surprises Wall Street

(Newser) - Global demand for computer chips helped Intel power to a 9% first-quarter revenue gain, beating analysts' estimates and sending a message that while US sales may be slumping, the world’s largest chip maker’s still got game. Intel stock rose 7.7% in after hours trading, the New York ... More »

Intel Scores on Mobile Internet Devices

Announces 25 hardware makers will use Intel chips

(Newser) - Twenty-five hardware companies will use a new Intel chip technology for mobile internet devices that are somewhere between a cellphone and a laptop computer in size, reports the Wall Street Journal. Intel hopes the gadgets they've dubbed MIDs will become a new product category, helping the company make up for... More »

Nanochip Offers 5X the Memory of Flash Drives

New technology uses pins with microscopic points to record data

(Newser) - A Silicon Valley company called Nanochip has a chip under development that can store over five times the amount of data as current flash drives, reports Tech Review. The Nanochip technology  stores memory by using tiny pins with microscopically sharp tips to polarize a film; it is cheaper to produce... More »

5 Stories