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Trump Delays Tariffs on EU, Canada, Mexico

Decision on steel imports will be postponed 30 days

(Newser) - The White House said Monday it would postpone a decision on imposing tariffs on US imports of steel and aluminum from the European Union, Canada, and Mexico for 30 days, avoiding the potential for a trade battle with Europe as the US prepares for tense trade talks in China this... More »

US' Yellow Tail Fever Taints Aussie Wines

Australia's bargain reputation hurts exports of primo stuff

(Newser) - Droughts, wildfires, and weak currency have hurt Australia's wine exports—but for losing their reputation as premium vintners, the Aussies have no one but themselves to blame. When $7 Yellow Tail flooded US markets three years ago, "Australia made itself synonymous with cut-rate, generic wines," Mike Steinberger writes... More »

China Overtakes US as Top Market for Japan Goods

Exports to US from Japan fall for 11th consecutive month

(Newser) - China imported $11.8 billion in Japanese goods in July, MarketWatch reports, barely surpassing the US as the world’s largest importer of products and services from Japan for the first time. The 11.5% drop in shipments to the US was the 11th consecutive month of declines; exports to... More »

Skyrocketing Yuan Hits Benchmark

Chinese currency's strengthening against the dollar could boost US inflation

(Newser) - For the first time since China unpegged its currency from America’s in 2005, a dollar bought less than 7 yuan at closing today in Beijing, the New York Times reports. Western countries protested for years the yuan was undervalued; its meteoric rise means Chinese goods are getting more expensive... More »

Asian Inflation Zapping US Pocketbooks

Fuel costs and weak buck promise to send US prices spiraling

(Newser) - Cheap Asian imports have helped keep American inflation down for decades—but those days appear to be over, the New York Times warns. Rapidly rising costs of fuel, food and labor in countries like China, Vietnam, and Taiwan are beginning to be passed on to their export markets, just as... More »

Trader Joe's Cuts Chinese Food Imports

Discount gourmet grocer acts on fears of pesticides, antibiotics

(Newser) - With customers worried about the safety of food imported from China, Trader Joe's said yesterday it will withdraw garlic, frozen spinach, and other “single ingredient” items from its shelves by April 1, reports the Los Angeles Times. The discount gourmet retailer will continue selling items made with ingredients from... More »

6 Stories