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Campaign Over, Mac's Mom Lays It Out

(Newser) - Throughout the presidential campaign, James Rainey of the LA Times tried to land an interview with Roberta McCain. “They wouldn’t let me talk, thinking I don’t do the politics thing,” the 97-year-old says. “And they were right.” Now the gag order’s off, and... More »

McCain Plane Lands Safely in NM After Mid-Air Scare

'Straight Talk Air' aborts landing due to runway traffic

(Newser) - On his way to Albuquerque to thank New Mexico volunteers for helping his campaign, John McCain had a little aerial excitement as his “Straight Talk Air” 737 abruptly aborted just before it landed, the Chicago Tribune reports. The plane then circled, staggered one way, then the other and finally... More »

Righty Rhetoric Would Warp Straight Talk

'Lousy politician' will fail if McCain strays from his true nature

(Newser) - John McCain enters a period of "maximum peril" as he closes in on the Republican nomination, writes the Washington Post's Richard Cohen. "McCain's true virtue is that he is a lousy politician," Cohen contends, and if he keeps tracking to the right to appease conservatives, he’ll... More »

3 Stories