nuclear missiles

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The Possibly 'World-Changing' Move Kim Could Make Next

North's foreign minister says they could detonate hydrogen bomb over Pacific Ocean

(Newser) - Tensions between the US and North Korea continue to escalate. First the leader of the former threatened to wipe out the latter . Then Kim Jong Un followed up by calling Trump a "mentally deranged US dotard," and Trump capped that off with a new warning Friday, tweeting that... More »

Look to Ukraine for N. Korea's Missile Engines: Expert

Expert analysis points to Dnipro factory as producing engines scooped up by Pyongyang

(Newser) - Many are worried over North Korea's ICBM launch last month, which analysts say indicate its weapons can now reach the US. And what may be behind this apparent success: liquid-propellant rocket engines from a Ukrainian factory linked to Russia's missile program that were then scooped up on the... More »

North Korea Details Guam Strike Plan

Pyongyang calls Trump 'bereft of reason'

(Newser) - North Korea took things up yet another notch Thursday by issuing detailed plans for a strike near Guam —and some insults directed at President Trump. Pyongyang's official Korean Central News Agency said a plan to fire four Hwasong-12 intermediate-range ballistic missiles into waters 25 miles off Guam will... More »

N. Korea: Missile Launch a Dry Run for Blowing Up South's Airports

And US targets

(Newser) - Three ballistic missiles launched by North Korea Tuesday into the Sea of Japan off of South Korea's eastern coast wasn't just an arbitrary exercise, the Washington Post reports. The apparent intent of the Kim Jong Un-approved launch: A dry run at "preemptive strikes at ports and airfields... More »

Kim Jong Un: My Missiles Can Hit US Pacific Targets

Experts say North Korea is, at very least, making progress in its launch capabilities

(Newser) - Japan expressed concern about North Korea's Wednesday Musudan missile launches , especially since one of the two made it more than halfway to Japan. But per Kim Jong Un, Japan shouldn't be alone in its worry, the Guardian reports. "We have the sure capability to attack in an... More »

Russia: US Missile Defense Site in Romania a 'Direct Threat'

The US says defense site is meant to stifle threats from Iran, not Russia

(Newser) - A US missile defense site in Romania aimed at protecting Europe from ballistic missile threats went live Thursday, angering Russia, which opposes its presence in its former area of influence, the AP reports. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg tried to reassure Russia as he spoke at a ceremony attended by... More »

Airmen at Nuclear Base Investigated for Drug Use

It's the latest Air Force embarrassment

(Newser) - The Air Force is investigating about a dozen airmen at a nuclear missile base for alleged use of illegal drugs, in some cases possibly including cocaine, anonymous defense officials tell the AP . The drug investigation at FE Warren Air Force Base, home of the 90th Missile Wing, was to be... More »

Troubled Air Force Base Failed Nuke Drill

Security forces couldn't recapture nuke quickly enough

(Newser) - Um, whoops? The Air Force failed a drill at a nuclear missile base last summer, according to a previously unreleased internal review obtained by the AP . Armed forces at the 341st Missile Wing at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana simulated a hostile takeover of a missile launch silo, but... More »

Nuke Guards Caught Napping With Door Open

4 officers in charge of nuclear missile launch keys twice breached security protocols

(Newser) - It's reassuring to know the people entrusted with the launch keys to our nuclear missiles are at least well rested—if not well secured. US Air Force officers in charge of these keys have been caught twice this year napping while leaving the blast door to their underground launch... More »

North Korea Backs Down on Missiles

Withdraws Musudan missiles within range of US military bases

(Newser) - North Korea has been throwing around plenty of fighting words lately, but two things that won't be getting off the ground anytime soon: a pair of Musudan missiles, which Pyongyang has just removed from a launch site on the country's east coast, reports CNN . The missiles were believed... More »

North Korea Nuke Report Declassified by 'Mistake'

Officials cast doubt on nuclear intelligence report

(Newser) - John Kerry has arrived in South Korea amid fears the North could be poised for another missile test, the AP reports. Kerry's first trip to the Asia-Pacific as secretary of state, during which he'll also visit China and Japan, was planned prior to concerns about a possible launch.... More »

Test a Success: India's New Missile Can Strike Beijing

Agni-V test leaves China unruffled

(Newser) - India's test launch of a missile capable of striking major Chinese cities went smoothly this morning, and Indian officials say the country has now emerged as a major missile power. The nuclear-capable Agni-V missile, with a 3,100-mile range, will be added to India's arsenal after more tests... More »

Iran Testing 'Nuke-Capable Missiles'

Mid-range missiles could carry atomic warheads to US targets

(Newser) - Iran has conducted secret tests of nuclear-capable missiles, but the country says the exercise was a "message of peace and friendship." Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards admit to launching 14 missiles—one capable of reaching Israel or US targets in the Gulf—from an underground silo. British Foreign... More »

Glitch Boots 50 Nukes Offline

Commanders unable to communicate with ninth of arsenal for nerve-wracking hour

(Newser) - A hardware glitch knocked 50 nuclear missiles—a ninth of America's land-based arsenal—offline for nearly an hour over the weekend. Commanders at an Air Force base in Wyoming found themselves unable to communicate with the missiles as engineers scrambled to find out what the problem was, the Atlantic reports.... More »

General: Bill Clinton Lost Nuke Codes for Months

He 'misplaced' them after Lewinsky scandal broke, says another commander

(Newser) - Bill Clinton lost a card carrying the top-secret codes to launch US nuclear missiles for several months when he was in the White House, a general has charged in his new memoir. "That's a big deal—a gargantuan deal," writes General Hugh Shelton, who served as chairman of... More »

Nuclear Bunker for Sale on Ebay

Survive the atomic holocaust in beautiful Derbyshire Dales

(Newser) - Craving a little security in an uncertain world? Head over to eBay, where a bunker designed to withstand a nuclear strike on England is for sale. The bunker features bunks, a chemical toilet, and a phone line—but be prepared to shell out. With a full 6 days left, bidding... More »

N. Korea Set to Launch 2nd Long-Range Missile

Weapon may be launched when S. Korea prez visits DC

(Newser) - North Korea is preparing to launch another intercontinental ballistic missile, according to South Korean media reports. Pyongyang is said to have moved its most advanced missile, whose 4,000 mile range puts Alaska within striking distance, to a brand-new launch pad and has forbidden ships from sailing the waters off... More »

Missile Shield Useless Against Iran's Arsenal: Study

System wouldn't protect Europe; Iran far from nuclear missiles

(Newser) - The US missile shield planned for eastern Europe wouldn’t protect the continent from threats posed by Iranian missiles, a team of American and Russian scientists found. Further, the Washington Post notes, it will be more than 5 years before Iran can build nuclear warheads and missiles to launch them,... More »

N. Korea Readies Missile for Launch

UN sanctions will derail disarmament talks: Pyongyang

(Newser) - As the date of a promised “satellite launch” nears, North Korea has placed a long-range ballistic missile on the launch pad used for earlier test firings, Reuters reports. South Korea, Japan, and the US plan to seek UN sanctions if the nuclear power goes forward with what analysts believe... More »

North Korean Troops on War Alert

Nuclear state prepares 'satellite' launch that US fears is missile test

(Newser) - North Korea is warning that troops are on full combat alert as its southern neighbor preps for an annual military exercise with the US, BBC reports. The nuclear nation also threatened war if a "satellite" it plans to deploy soon is disturbed. South Korea and the US believe that... More »

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