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Woman May Go to Prison for Laughing in Sessions' Hearing

Activist Desiree Fairooz is currently on trial for the outburst

(Newser) - Laughter may be the best medicine, but it's a lawyer, not a doctor, that a Code Pink activist now needs for guffawing during Attorney General Jeff Sessions' Senate confirmation hearing. HuffPost reports that 61-year-old Desiree Fairooz is on trial this week after being arrested by US Capitol Police for... More »

McCain to Protesters: Get Out, 'Low-Life Scum'

Group disrupted hearing with Henry Kissinger

(Newser) - John McCain uttered today's most memorable phrase on Capitol Hill, telling a group of protesters to "get out of here, you low-life scum," report the Hill . He was speaking to protesters from the group Code Pink, who disrupted the start of a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing... More »

Heckler Gives Obama Grief

Code Pink founder interrupts, but president willing to cut her 'some slack'

(Newser) - President Obama had some trouble wrapping up his policy speech today thanks to repeated heckling from the founder of activist group Code Pink, reports NBC News . As Obama was talking about Guantanamo Bay, Medea Benjamin began shouting criticism of US policy. “I'm about to address it ma'am,... More »

Brennan: Always Better to Capture, Not Kill, Terrorists

Dianne Feinstein has to clear the room as CIA nominee testifies on drones

(Newser) - John Brennan, President Obama's nominee to run the CIA, went to Capitol Hill today and defended the US drone strategy he helped engineer as Obama's top counterterror adviser. The drone strikes are necessary, he testified, because the US remains "at war" with al-Qaeda and other terrorists bent... More »

Liberal Protesters Vow to Endure Isaac

Occupy, Code Pink will stay 'rain or shine'

(Newser) - A few hundred demonstrators near the GOP convention are promising to stay put regardless of what comes first—a hurricane or Republicans. The hodgepodge of liberal groups, ranging from Occupy to Code Pink to Dogs Against Romney, are protesting in Tampa despite wet skies and warnings of hurricane-force winds, the... More »

Tim Pawlenty Glitter Bombed

CODEPINK punks presidential candidate

(Newser) - Do we sense a shiny new protest trend? A pair of CODEPINK activists dumped a manila envelope full of glittery hot pink confetti on Tim Pawlenty yesterday during a signing of his book Courage to Stand in San Francisco. "Where's your courage to stand for gay and reproductive... More »

Netanyahu: 1967 Borders 'Indefensible'

Protesters heckle Israeli prime minister at AIPAC

(Newser) - Benjamin Netanyahu stuck to his guns in a speech to AIPAC yesterday, vehemently rejecting President Obama’s call for a return to Israel’s pre-1967 borders. Any peace agreement “must leave Israel with security, and therefore Israel cannot return to the indefensible 1967 lines,” he told the pro-Israel... More »

Activists Rally Behind Alleged WikiLeaker

Dueling protests seen outside Marine Corps base

(Newser) - Activists protested this weekend outside the Virginia Marine Corps base where Bradley Manning is being held, calling for the alleged source of WikiLeaks' secret document trove to be released. "We are here to say that if he, indeed, was the whistle-blower, then we are proud of him," the... More »

Obama Scared to Show His Face in ... San Francisco?

Crazy left has made it ugly for Dems before

(Newser) - Given the adoring crowds he’s attracted in, say, Berlin, one would think President Obama would have a number of public appearances scheduled during a quick jaunt to San Francisco beginning tomorrow. But evidently, his staff is so worried about rabid lefties that Obama’s just dropping in for an... More »

Berkeley Retreats on Marines

After day of protests, marathon city council meeting revokes earlier statement

(Newser) - Early this morning, the city council of Berkeley, Calif., rescinded a controversial declaration that Marine recruiters are not welcome in the city, CNN reports. The council, however, stands by its opposition to the Iraq war. The decision came after three hours of raucous citizen input and a day of clashes... More »

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