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'I Couldn't Be More Proud': Rihanna Is Appointed Ambassador

The multi-platinum singer accepts role in her home country

(Newser) - Didn't think Rihanna could add more to her plate? The international artist and business mogul now has a new ambassadorial role—in her home country of Barbados, the Guardian reports. Per a governmental office , the 30-year-old has agreed to become the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, promoting investment, tourism, and... More »

Teen Surfer Sought Irma's Waves. It Cost Him His Life

Zander Venezia drowned in dangerous conditions in Barbados

(Newser) - A young professional surfer is dead after venturing into waves generated by Hurricane Irma. Zander Venezia, 16, was surfing on the east coast of Barbados on Tuesday when he ran into trouble with a closeout set—a wave that breaks all at once so that a surfer doesn't have... More »

Internet Loses It After Chris Brown Comments on Rihanna's Instagram

Most of her fans think he should stay away

(Newser) - Rihanna is in Barbados for Carnival , and on Monday she posted a photo to Instagram of herself sporting blue hair and a bejeweled bikini for the occasion. One of the people who commented on said photo? Chris Brown. The comment, posted from his official Instagram account, was simply the "... More »

30-Minute Brawl Breaks Out at 30K Feet

12 British vacationers involved in "vicious" fight

(Newser) - Apparently, there's a Mile-High Fight Club, too. A half-hour brawl broke out among as many as 12 British vacationers aboard a Virgin flight from England to Barbados, reports the Daily Mail . The passengers—dressed for "a special occasion" and believed to have been intoxicated—had to be separated... More »

Prince Harry Takes a Header

Watch the prince fall off his polo horse and dance the calypso

(Newser) - Prince Harry's recent fundraising efforts in Barbados have resulted in two viral videos—one where he shows off his dancing skills, and another in which he, well, doesn't quite show off his polo skills. The prince tumbled from his horse during a charity polo match raising money for... More »

Boxer Challenges Brown to 'Real' Fight

Facebook group invites public to be 'next in line'

(Newser) - At least 1,223 people want to see Chris Brown get in another fight, and a Los Angeles martial arts expert is one of them, Fox News reports. Anthony Geisler, president of LA Boxing, started a Facebook group called "I want to fight Chris Brown" that invites the singer... More »

Wills' Ship Busts Coke Runner

Seizes $80M worth of drug near Barbados

(Newser) - The Royal Navy warship Prince William is serving on busted a speedboat carrying $80 million worth of cocaine northeast of Barbados, the Sun reports. The Ministry of Defense said today that Wills was “part of the ship’s company” but would not specify his exact role when they intercepted... More »

Guests Want It All at Lux Hotels

Rising prices, competition, encourage heroic feats of service

(Newser) - Luxury hotels don't bat an eye at charging $500 a night, and guests are responding with increasingly zany requests, W reports. Concierges, once downright neglected by the average customer, are now routinely tasked with the impossible: Deliver an unspecified amount of breast milk, or procure a rub-down for a dog.... More »

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