Bengal tigers

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Tiger Cub Found ... in California Neighborhood

Little guy was wandering the streets of Hemet

(Newser) - On the list of "Things You Don't Expect to Find Roaming Around a California Neighborhood," tiger cub is probably pretty near the top. Yet that is exactly what one woman in Hemet found yesterday, CBS Los Angeles reports. She brought the 3-month-old, 25-pound Bengal-Siberian tiger to a... More »

Conservationists to 'Poop-Print' Nepal's Tigers

Researchers want to use tiger feces to create a DNA database

(Newser) - In the fight to save the endangered Bengal tiger, scientists are trying to build a DNA database of the remaining 100 big cats that remain in the Nepalese wild—using the tigers' poop. Photographs and footprints don't cut it anymore, say conservationists, so for the next two years the... More »

Tiger Kills Lion in Zoo

Big cat dispatched with single swipe of paw

(Newser) - Who's the king of the jungle? An old question about inter-species conflict has, unfortunately, been answered. A tiger killed a lion at a zoo in Turkey after finding a gap in the fence that separated them, the BBC reports. Zoo officials say the tiger killed the lion by severing its... More »

Tigers Turn to Humans After Floods

Maneaters stalk villagers in West Bengal

(Newser) - First came the floods, now come the tigers. A remote village in West Bengal is dealing with a soaring number of tiger attacks since the powerful predators were driven across the border from Bangladesh by flooding. Villagers report 15 attacks already this year, six of them fatal, according to the ... More »

Illegal Poaching Funds Militant Groups

US lawmakers to probe $10B wildlife trade in hearings this week

(Newser) - Shipments of African contraband such as ivory, tiger parts, and rhino horn are funding militant groups and perhaps terrorists, Newsweek reports. After the theft of $1.3 million in ivory in Chad last year and a reported rise in contraband smuggling, US lawmakers have become interested: A House hearing on... More »

Tiger Numbers Plummet in India

More than half vanish in 5 years

(Newser) - At least half of India's Bengal tiger population has vanished in the last five years, according to the latest alarming census of the endangered predators. A Project Tiger conservationist blamed "poaching, and loss of quality habitat and prey," reports AFP. A 2002 survey estimated there were 3,700... More »

6 Stories