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Mexican Prison Guards 'Freed Inmates to Kill'

Inmates given guns to carry out party massacre

(Newser) - Mexican prison guards let inmates out of their cells, gave them guns, and sent them off in official vehicles to carry out killings on behalf of drug cartels, according to Mexican authorities. Four prison officials have been placed under house arrest as the killings—including the massacre of 17 people... More »

'Beach Bum' Dino Chilled in Mex

New find reveals crested duckbill hunted by cousin of T. rex

(Newser) - A newly discovered duck-billed dinosaur lived on a "very Mediterranean-like" Mexican beach 72 million years ago, paleontologists say. A fossilized skeleton of Velafrons coahuilensis was found in the north-central state of Coahuila—the most complete dinosaur ever found in Mexico, Reuters reports. "Velafrons was probably a beach bum,... More »

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