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Report: Jackson Won't Go Back to Being Trump's Doctor

Sources say Sean Conley will continue in role

(Newser) - Dr. Ronny Jackson not only won't be taking up a new job as Veterans Affairs chief, he won't be returning to his old job as White House physician, administration sources tell Politico and the Washington Post . The officials say Navy officer Sean Conley, who took over as President... More »

The 10 Highest Paying Jobs in US

It pays to be a doctor: Glassdoor

(Newser) - Good news for the technologically challenged: It's still possible to rake in the big bucks even if you don't know the difference between "binary" and "byte." Glassdoor has ranked the highest-paying jobs in the country based on average base salary, and though TechRepublic points out... More »

NM Judge: Doctors Can Help Patients Die

Ruling could make state 5th to allow physician-assisted suicide

(Newser) - Terminally ill patients have a right to get help ending their lives, a New Mexico judge ruled yesterday, carving out a massive exception to a 1960s state law that makes assisting suicide a felony. The ruling could make New Mexico the fifth state to allow physician-assisted suicide, the New York ... More »

Yes, Yes, YES! There Is a G-Spot: French Docs

Don't listen to the Brits on sex, physicians warn

(Newser) - Yes, Virginia, there is a G-spot. That's what French docs want the world to know in a reminder that when it comes to sex, don't ask the British. UK scientists at Kings College recently declared that there was no proof that the female hyper-pleasure center exists. But French physicians declared... More »

Pediatrician Filmed in Baby Sex Attacks: Cops

Detective describes doc's 'look of rage' during assaults

(Newser) - A 225-pound pediatrician videotaped himself sexually assaulting children as young as 3 months old in his examination rooms, according to Delaware court documents. During one brutal assault of a 2-year-old, Dr. Earl Bradley had a "violently enraged expression on his face," an investigator said in a sworn statement.... More »

AMA Mellows on Medical Marijuana

Doctors group nudges Feds toward reclassification, research

(Newser) - The American Medical Association has finally softened on marijuana, urging the government to give it a new classification that would open the door to serious research on its medical merits. Now a Schedule I drug, with no accepted medical uses, under the AMA proposal it would become a Schedule II... More »

Health Industry Shakedown Imperils Reform

Obama must ignore lobbyists for insurers, doctors, drug makers

(Newser) - In dealing with pharmaceutical companies, insurers, and the AMA, President Obama should take a page from David Letterman's book and not fall prey to blackmail, writes former Labor Secretary Robert Reich. Promises the administration made to those three constituencies in exchange for staying neutral or positive about health care reform... More »

I'd Vote for Health Bill: Frist

Obama's reforms are a step in the right direction, former Senate majority leader says

(Newser) - Health care reform legislation has the unexpected support of a prominent physician: former Senate Republican leader Bill Frist. If he were still in politics, “I would end up voting for it," Frist said. The surgeon also blamed some Republicans for not engaging seriously in the health care debate:... More »

German Doc Probed in Poison Death of 2 in Therapy

12 rushed to local hospital during session

(Newser) - A German doctor was being investigated today for possible homicide after two patients in his therapy group died of poisoning, reports AP. Twelve others were rushed to a local hospital after one called emergency services. One is in a coma. The doctor has admitted giving his patients various drugs and... More »

Silver: Ignore Poll Showing Docs Opposed to Reform

(Newser) - A new Investors’ Business Daily poll showing doctors opposed to President Obama’s health care reform is generating some buzz today, but it's so flawed that Nate Silver has only this advice: “Completely ignore” it, he writes on FiveThirtyEight. Here’s why:
  • It's conducted by mail: Hardly anyone does
... More »

Fake GOP Panel Recruits Docs in Health Reform Battle

Fraudulent 'Physicians' Council' uses names without permission

(Newser) - Republican members of Congress have been touting a "Physicians' Council for Responsible Reform," which supposedly consists of 100-odd doctors working with the GOP leadership in the fight against Obamacare. In fact, writes Timothy Noah for Slate, the council doesn't exist; it's a PR exercise, not to mention a... More »

Reform? We Need a Revolution

(Newser) - Diane McWhorter’s experience with a doctor caring for her elderly mother has her hoping for more than health care reform. “Socialized medicine, hell,” she writes on DoubleX. “How about a cultural revolution?” Her mom’s doctor, due for a vacation, dumped her on a “hospitalist”... More »

Costs Soar as Docs Order and Perform Tests

Fishy practice highlights challenge of medical regulation

(Newser) - As Congress wrestles with health-care reform, studies show it’s tough to regulate the status quo: Doctors’ “self-referrals” for medical imaging have continued despite efforts to legislate against them, the Washington Post reports. Doctors who own the equipment that scans patients stand to make more cash—and tend to... More »

Obama's Health Plan Will Crack Whip on States

States mishandle Medicaid, get bullied by private firms: doctor

(Newser) - Doctors nationwide are “outraged” by President Obama’s health care plan, but “I call it progress,” writes one Missouri physician for Salon. The reform would take oversight out of the hands of states, which seemingly specialize in “lax regulation of private insurers” and poor handling of... More »

Jackson's Physician ID'd as Target of Investigation

(Newser) - Court records filed today identify Michael Jackson's personal physician as the target of a manslaughter investigation into the singer's death, the Los Angeles Times reports. The development isn't exactly a shocker, given that authorities executed a search warrant yesterday at an office and public storage unit owned by the physician,... More »

Docs Turn to 'Gag Orders' to Choke Bad Web Reviews

(Newser) - An explosion of online forums for the discussion and rating of physicians has doctors fighting back, the Washington Post reports. Afraid of negative—perhaps spurious—reviews on the Web, some MDs are denying care unless a patient signs a non-disclosure agreement. Though opponents call the agreements “illegal, unenforceable, and... More »

New iPhone App Locates Pot Spots

(Newser) - Instead of hotspots, IPhone users can now find pot spots, thanks to a new app that locates legal medical marijuana outlets, reports Mashable. Apple has approved the $2.99 iPhone app, Canabis, which seeks out legal pot clinics, collectives, advocacy organizations, and prescribing docs throughout the US. The smokin' application... More »

'No Red Flag' in Jackson Doc Interview: LAPD

2nd autopsy done for family, but likely without singer's brain

(Newser) - Los Angeles police interviewed Michael Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray, for 3 hours last night and found “no red flag” or indication of foul play in the pop icon's death, a source tells the LA Times. The LAPD says Murray is cooperating and is not a suspect, but Jackson's family... More »

Docs' Group Opposes Public Health Insurance

Powerful AMA pushes against Obama, Dem proposals

(Newser) - Just as Republicans and Democrats head for a showdown on health care reform, the American Medical Association is telling Congress that it will oppose a government-sponsored insurance plan—a key, if the most controversial, piece of plans put forward by Dems with support from the White House. The AMA wants... More »

US Doc Boasts He Implanted 11 Human Clones

'The cloned child is coming,' says controversial physician

(Newser) - A controversial American fertility doctor is boasting that he cloned 14 human embryos and implanted 11 of them them into women, reports the Independent. None of the tranfers led to a viable pregnancy. A documentary filmmaker recorded the procedures involving four women who had hoped to become the first mothers... More »

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