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Ten-Year-Old Draws NBA's Attention

Jaylin Fleming looks like a star, but is it too soon to recruit him?

(Newser) - Jaylin Fleming is the best 10-year-old basketball player in the country, and if you don’t believe that, just ask the legion of high school, college, and even NBA scouts circling him. “I’ve never seen a kid like this,” gushes the Knicks’ head athletic director. Jaylin’s... More »

Oregon State Hoops Hope for Change They Can Believe In

Obama brother-in-law takes over losing team

(Newser) - Barack Obama isn't the only man in his family to face the daunting task of taking the helm of a struggling institution. The New York Times reports that brother-in-law Craig Robinson returns from stumping for Obama to his day job—coaching the Oregon State men's basketball team back from a... More »

Ariz. Coach Swears Off 1-Year Wonders

Olson calls NBA rule "farce," plans to push for changes benefiting college basketball

(Newser) - Lute Olson is sick of an NBA rule that results in top basketball prospects spending just one year in college, the Los Angeles Times reports, and says he'll no longer recruit such players for his University of Arizona program. Olson, who's seen the rule cost Arizona two top players this... More »

Can Basketball Keep Agents Out of High School?

Mayo scandal shocks few, and penalties remain slight

(Newser) - The NBA can't stop agents from scurrying around high school and college basketball these days, offering illegal gifts to sign young players. Although the players are getting younger—more go pro right out of high school—punishments for players and agents alike remain slight, the New York Times reports. More »

USC's Mayo Accused of Taking Gifts

College faces sanctions if star accepted illegal benefits from future agent

(Newser) - USC star OJ Mayo received tens of thousands of dollars from the agency that would eventually represent him, a violation of NCAA rules, according to former friend Louis Johnson. The money was allegedly funneled through one Rodney Guillory, who lavished on Mayo just a fraction of what the agency gave... More »

Coach Puts IU's Basketball Team in Jeopardy

NCAA infractions on top of past violations may spell serious trouble for Sampson

(Newser) - The future of Indiana University's basketball team could be at stake this spring, as coach Kelvin Sampson's alleged infractions of NCAA rules may be catching up with him. The NCAA alleges that the coach, who left Oklahoma after four violations, kept making recruiting calls despite being ordered not to. Sampson... More »

6 Stories