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Marijuana Now in Sex Aids, Too

Foria spray for women claims to boost sensation

(Newser) - A company is hawking what it claims is a personal lubricant that improves sex for women. Oh, and it's made from marijuana. It apparently works like this: You spritz the pot-based spray Foria on your genitals 30 minutes before sex, then have awesome sex. Or, more specifically, women experience... More »

In Recession, Sales of Sex Toys Boom

People have 'more time on their hands'

(Newser) - The recession is good news for at least one retail segment: Sales of so-called sexual enhancement devices are through the roof, Advertising Age reports. Lubricant sales jumped 32% in the first quarter, and sales of “marital aids” sold in food, drug, and mass-market stores have soared 74%. “When... More »

Sex Aids' Shelf Space, Sales Grow

Wal-Mart, other major chains aren't hiding lubricants and the like

(Newser) - Be careful letting your kids wander in Wal-Mart—the retail giant and other mainstream stores are devoting more shelf space to sex aids, Newsweek reports, and they aren’t hiding it. Lubricants, oils and even vibrators are increasingly appearing next to contraceptives and pregnancy tests. “Even the more conservative... More »

3 Stories